Back Saw Vs Miter Saw | Which One Is The Best For You?

There are many different saws on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which is the best one for your needs. In this blog post, I will compare the back saw vs the miter saw, to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

A backsaw is a hand tool that typically has a stiffer blade than other types of saws, making it ideal for precise cutting. It’s also designed to cut on the push stroke rather than the pull stroke, which can help reduce fatigue when cutting through tough materials. I personally Use GomBoy

A miter saw, on the other hand, is designed for speed and efficiency. It uses a spinning blade to make quick, clean cuts in lumber or other materials. DEWALT DWS715 Model is a great choice for making crosscuts on boards that are wider than the saw blade itself.

Miter saws allow you to make accurate, repeatable cuts with very little setup time. They’re also relatively portable, so they can be easily brought to the worksite.

Let’s take a closer look at these two types of saws and see how they compare.

Back Saw Vs Miter Saw – Comparison

Here are the complete comparison between these two saws.

Back Saw

The backsaw is one of the oldest types of saws known to man. This type of saw has been traced back as far as Roman times when it was used for drilling holes and cutting wood.

The typical back saw consists of a handle attached to a thin, flat piece of steel that has been sharpened to a point on one end. The other end is left unsharpened and forms a wooden handle. 

The blade of the back saw is thin and flexible, and its primary purpose is to make straight cuts rather than cross-cuts like you would need with a miter saw.

The thinness and flexibility of the blade allow it to be dragged through small spaces when making smaller cuts or in tight corners (where you would not want to use a larger saw such as a miter saw).

The major benefit of using this type of saw compared to something like an electric miter saw is that there are no cords. If you need to make a cut in an area with no power source, you can simply pick up the back saw and get the job done. 

Miter Saw

While most people are familiar with using crosscut saws, another type of saw that has become very popular lately is the miter saw. The primary purpose of this tool is to make crosscuts (cutting along the width of a board). Learn about Dewalt vs Ryobi Miter Saw.

A miter saw consists of a small circular table that sits over the top of the blade, which spins around on an arm. Learn about 60 vs 80 Tooth Miter Saw Blade

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a miter saw is whether or not it uses standard-sized lumber for its table. Many older models will include lumber that is not standard, so it can be difficult to purchase replacement parts for this type of saw.

This type of miter saw also tends to be more expensive than a backsaw, but some people prefer the convenience and power that this tool has.

You will typically see miter saws used by carpenters who are building furniture or other large projects where they need crosscuts more frequently than smaller cuts. I recommend DEWALT DWS715 for Large Projects

Some people do use the miter saw as their primary woodworking tool, but others tend to use them for specialized projects only (such as window casings).

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Things to know about Miter Saw

The Verdict

When deciding between a Back Saw and Vs Miter Saw, both tools have benefits and drawbacks depending on your needs.

A backsaw would probably not be the best choice if you are cutting a lot of crosscuts, while a miter saw would probably not be the best choice if you need to make smaller cuts in tight spaces. As always, it is important that you consider your needs before making any purchase. 

If you know that your projects will primarily involve straight cuts, then a backsaw might meet all of your needs and save you some money in the process.


A backsaw is better for making crosscuts in smaller pieces of wood, while a miter saw is better for larger pieces.

The backsaw gives you more control and produces cleaner cuts, but the miter saw is faster and can make angled cuts. Choose the right tool for the job to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

I hope you would like my guide on Back Saw Vs Miter Saw. If you have any further questions feel free to comment.