Top 5 Best Chain Saw For A Woman To Use In 2023

There is a lot of debate surrounding what the best chain saw for a woman to use is. Some people argue that there isn’t a big difference between men’s and women’s chain saws, while others claim that the design and size of chainsaws marketed towards women are inherently different. 

So, what’s the truth? And more importantly, which chainsaw is right for you? 

I’ve researched so that you don’t have to. In this guide, I’ll discuss the chain saw with pros and cons for women, as well as provide you with a list of the top 5 picks for the best value chainsaw for a woman to use.

Top 5 Best Chain Saw For A Woman To Use

Here are the best chainsaws that I found for women. I hope you like them.

1. BLACK+DECKER (LCS1020) Cordless Chainsaw

When it comes to chain saws Black+Decker is one of the most trusted names in the business. The LCS1020 is a cordless chain saw that is ideal for cutting through thick tree branches, logs, and more. It features a low-kickback design and a tool-free chain tensioning system to make smooth, fast cuts without needing extra tools for adjustments.

If you’re looking for a powerful and portable chain saw, this chainsaw is a great option. It’s easy to use and maintain, making it a great choice for both experienced users and beginners women.


Battery-powered chain saws offer the portability of cordless tools with the power of gas-powered models. This makes them ideal for small jobs like trimming branches around the yard or cutting up firewood.

This chain saw features a tool-free chain tensioning system that makes it easy to adjust the chain without needing additional tools. This is a great feature for making quick adjustments on the go.

This saw has a low-kickback bar and chain that helps to prevent kickback, making it safer to use. In addition, it has an automatic oiling system that keeps the bar and chain lubricated for smooth, efficient cuts.

Plus, it has a wrap-around bale handle that provides increased control and comfort. This is a great feature for making sure you have a good grip on the saw while you’re working.

  • Easy to Use
  • Low Kickback
  • Auto Oiling System
  • Wrap Around Handle
  • Limited Battery Power

2. WORX WG303.1 Electric Chain Saw

WORX is also one of the best brands for making electric chain saws. The WG303.1 is one of their most popular models, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a powerful saw that can handle just about anything you throw at it, yet it’s still easy to use.

It has all the features you need in a chainsaw, plus a few extras that make it even better. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, the WORX WG303.1 is a great choice for women who want a great chainsaw.


One of the best features of this chain saw is the auto-tension system. This prevents the chain from getting too tight and increases the life of the motor, bar, and chain. It means you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting the tension, and it makes the saw easier to use.

The chain brake is another great safety feature that prevents accidental cutting. It’s a quick stop brake that shuts the chain down quickly if you need to.

The ergonomic front handle gives you leverage for both vertical and horizontal cutting. The full wrap handle makes it easy to find a grip that works for you, and it’s comfortable enough to use for long periods.

The rear handle is also rubberized for added comfort and control. It’s easy to grip and provides excellent control of the saw.

The oil tank is built into the saw, and it has a window so you can see how much oil is left. This is a great feature that prevents you from running out of oil in the middle of a cut.

The extension cord holder keeps the cord out of the way and lets you unravel as much as you need. It’s a great feature that keeps the cord from getting in the way or tangled up.

The saw is only 11 pounds without the oil, so it’s easy to carry around. It’s also a compact saw that doesn’t take up much space. In addition, the motor is powerful enough to cut through anything. It can handle even the most challenging cuts with ease.

Plus, the 16-inch chain is made of high-quality steel that is built to last. It can handle even the toughest cuts without breaking or dulling. It is easy to use, even for beginners. It has all the features you need to make quick, clean cuts.

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight for Women
  • Durable
  • Need Balance

3. Oregon CS1500 Corded Electric Chain Saw

The Oregon CS1500 is a powerful and easy-to-use corded electric chainsaw that is perfect for any homeowner or DIYer woman. If your budget is mid and you want a chainsaw that is going to perform well, this is the one you want. It’s also UL certified and comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can be sure that it’s a reliable product.


During those cold months, you’ll want to be able to quickly and easily sharpen your chain on the saw. The CS1500 comes with Oregon’s PowerSharp sharpening system which will let you do just that in seconds.

This chainsaw has a tool-less tensioning system so that you can tension the chain without any fuss. This is a great feature if you’re someone who likes to make things as easy as possible.

It also features Oregon’s Lubri-Tec automatic oiling system. This system keeps your saw chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life. This is a great feature to have on a chainsaw because it will help to extend the life of your chain.

This chainsaw has a 15 amp motor which gives it plenty of power to tackle any job you throw at it. The saw is also 120 volts and has a 2400 wattage, so you know it’s a powerful little machine.

This saw is lightweight and ergonomic, making it easy for anyone to use. It’s also balanced well so that you can operate it comfortably for long periods of time. Plus, the saw also has a safety chain brake which is a great feature to have if you’re worried about kickback.

Plus, the CS1500 has an automatic tensioning system which makes it easy to tension the chain. This is a great feature if you’re someone who likes to make things as easy as possible.

  • The Sharpening System is Awesome.
  • Cutting is Great
  • Easy for Women
  • Sometimes Chain Falls Off

4. Husqvarna 16-Inch Gas Chain Saw

The Husqvarna 16-Inch Gas Chain Saw is a great choice for homeowner women who want a reliable workhorse that’s simple to use. This chainsaw is equipped with a 2.4 horsepower engine and features an inertia-activated chain brake for safety while operating. If you’re looking for an easy-to-start and maneuver chainsaw, this gas chain saw is a great option.


This chain saw has an auto oiler mechanism that drips oil onto the guide bar and chain while the saw is running. This keeps the chain from getting too hot and helps to prolong its life.

This feature is designed to stop the chain of this saw in the event of kickback. Kickback can occur when the tip of the saw hits an object, causing the chain to stop abruptly. This can cause serious injury to the operator if they are not prepared for it.

This system allows you to quickly and easily adjust the tension on this chain saw without having to use any tools. This is a handy feature if you need to make adjustments while you are working.

Women love this chainsaw because it is exceptionally easy to start and maneuver. The gas chainsaw starts easily with a slower pull and comes with a slimmer saw body and flip-up tank caps.

  • Ton of Power
  • Cuts like a Champion
  • Sometimes the Mechanism for Releasing the Brakes didn’t Match Up Correctly.

5. EGO Power+ CS1401 Cordless Chain Saw

The last option on the list for the best chainsaw for a woman is the EGO Power+ CS1401 Cordless Chain Saw. This powerful and durable chainsaw is perfect for anyone who wants to cut through tough materials quickly and easily, without having to deal with the hassle of a gas-powered chainsaw.

The brushless motor extends both the life of the tool and the run time, while the weather-resistant construction ensures that your chainsaw will be able to withstand any kind of weather condition.


The most noted feature of this chainsaw is the chain kickback brake. This safety feature is designed to stop the chain from moving if it comes into contact with your body.

Another great feature of this chainsaw is the chain tension adjustment. This allows you to easily and quickly adjust the tension of the chain so that it is always at the perfect tension for cutting through whatever material you are working with.

Another feature that makes this chainsaw perfect for use in any weather condition is the water-resistant construction. This ensures that your chainsaw will not be damaged by exposure to water, whether it be from rain or from splashing while you are working.

The guide bar length on this chainsaw is 14 inches, which is the perfect size for most people. In addition, this chainsaw has a maximum cut diameter of 14 inches, which means that it can easily and quickly cut through any material, no matter how thick it may be.

Plus, the double guard bar and narrow-kerf sprocket nose on this chainsaw help to protect you from kickback while you are working. Kickback is when the chain moves backward suddenly and can be very dangerous.

  • Battery is Lightweight
  • Works Great
  • The Chainsaw Treated the Thick and Thin Pieces of the Trees as if it Were a Pro.
  • Sometimes Times the Chain Came Off

My Recommendation

According to my personal experience and research, the Black+Decker LCS1020 is one of the best chainsaws for a woman to use. It is packed with features that make it perfect for anyone who wants a durable and powerful chainsaw that is easy to use.

However, if your budget is low I recommend WORX WG303.1 which is an electric chain saw and very easy to handle for a woman.


The best chain saw for a woman to use will vary depending on the size of the tree, its condition, and how comfortable the woman feels using it. I hope this guide has helped you determine which chainsaw is right for you and given you some tips on how to use it safely and effectively.


What are the benefits of using a chain saw for a woman?

Here are the top 7 benefits of using a chainsaw for a woman:

  1. They are easy to use – most chainsaws these days come with easy-to-follow instructions. And, if you ever get stuck, there are plenty of online videos and forums that can help you out.
  2. They are relatively lightweight – this makes them perfect for women who might not be able to handle the weight of a gas-powered chain saw.
  3. They are much quieter than gas-powered chain saws – so, if you have young children or live in a close-knit neighborhood, using an electric chain saw will be much appreciated by your neighbors!
  4. They require very little maintenance – unlike gas-powered chain saws which need their oil changed and their filters replaced regularly, electric chain saws only need to have their chains tightened from time to time.
  5. They are much more environmentally friendly – since they don’t use gas or oil, they produce zero emissions.
  6. They are much cheaper to operate – since you only need to plug them in, you’ll save a ton of money on gas and oil over the years.
  7. They come with plenty of safety features – such as chain brakes and kickback guards – that will help protect you while you’re using the saw.

What type of chainsaw would be best suited for a woman to use?

There are 2 types of chain saws on the market these days, from gas-powered to electric. And, while there are some great gas-powered saws out there, they can be a bit too much for some women to handle.

That’s why I recommend electric chainsaws for women. They are much lighter and easier to maneuver than gas-powered saws – making them perfect for anyone who wants a powerful saw that is still easy to use.

What Features to look for when purchasing a chain saw as a woman?

Here are the top 5 features to look for when purchasing a chain saw as a woman:

  • Auto Oiler: The first thing you want to look for in a chain saw is an auto oiler. This feature will help keep your chain lubricated as you use the saw, which will prolong its life and keep it running smoothly.
  • Kickback Guard: The next thing you want to look for is a kickback guard. This safety feature will help protect you from the chain moving backward suddenly – which can be very dangerous.
  • Chain Brake: The last thing you want to look for is a chain brake. This safety feature will stop the chain automatically if it gets caught on something – preventing it from breaking free and causing serious injury.
  • Logger’s Kit: If you’re planning on using your chain saw to cut down trees, then you might want to consider purchasing a logger’s kit. This will include all the necessary safety gear – such as a hard hat, chaps, and earplugs – that you need to work safely and effectively.
  • Bar Length: The final thing you want to consider is the bar length. This is the portion of the chain saw that does the cutting. And, while a longer bar will be able to cut through larger logs, it will also be more difficult to control.