Best Table Saw Under 2000 in 2023 | Reviews and Top Picks

If you’re in the market for a table saw, you know that there are a lot of options to choose from. With all of the different brands and models available, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. 

Not all table saws are created equal. You need to make sure that you get a model that is durable and will last for years. And if you’re on a budget, it can be tough to find a quality table saw that doesn’t break the bank.

After hours of research, I found that the best table saws are under 2000 dollars. These table saws have all the features that I need, plus it’s durable and easy to use. Let’s get started!

Best Table Saw Under 2000

Here are some table saws I found for best value under 2000 dollars:

1. Grizzly Industrial G0771Z – 10″ Hybrid Table Saw (Recommended)

The Grizzly Industrial G0771Z is a hybrid table saw that can be powered by either an AC outlet or a battery. I personally use this table saw and its great value for money because the saw has a lot of great features, including a precision-ground cast iron table and extension wings, cast-iron trunnions, an easy-glide fence system, etc.

The cast iron table on this saw is precision-ground and features a miter gauge groove. The extension wings are also cast iron and match the table in terms of size and precision. This ensures that you’ll have a large, stable surface to work on.

The cast iron trunnions on the saw are used to mount the saw blade and provide stability and precision. These trunnions are also responsible for the saw’s 3450 RPM speed. Also, the easy-glide fence system allows you to smoothly and easily adjust the fence. This system also has a quick-release mechanism, which makes it easy to remove the fence when necessary.

The blade guard and riving knife on this saw are both quick-release as well, making them easy to adjust and remove. It has a 4″ dust port which helps keep your work area clean by collecting the sawdust.

  • Precision-ground cast iron table and extension wings
  • Cast-iron trunnions
  • Easy-glide fence system
  • Quick-release blade guard & riving knife
  • 4″ Dust port
  • Sometimes the saw can be a bit noisy.

2. JET JPS-10 115V 30″ ProShop Table Saw:

The Jet JPS-10 115V 30″ ProShop Table Saw is a great choice for the budget-minded woodworker. It offers many features found on more expensive saws, including an arbor lock, a quick-release riving knife, and an improved dust shroud around the blade.

The arbor lock on this table saw allows you to quickly and easily change blades. This is a great feature, especially if you have multiple blades that you use for different types of cuts.

The quick-release riving knife makes it easy to change the blade without having to remove the throat plate on the saw. This is a great feature if you need to make quick adjustments or if you have to remove the blade for cleaning.

The improved dust shroud collects more dust and shavings, making it easier to keep your work area clean. This is a great feature if you are working in a small space. Plus, the magnetic paddle switch is a safety feature that helps to prevent accidental starts. This is a great feature for the safety-conscious woodworker.

  • Arbor lock
  • Quick-release riving knife
  • Improved dust shroud
  • Magnetic paddle switch
  • Some users have reported that the saw is a bit noisy.

3. Grizzly Industrial G0899-10″ Hybrid Table Saw:

The Grizzly Industrial G0899-10″ Hybrid Table Saw is a great choice for woodworkers who want the features of a cabinet saw in a more portable package.

The blade guard is a full-enclosure type with a dust port that connects to a dust collector on this table saw. It’s easy to operate and features a clear plastic window so you can see the blade while it’s in operation.

The saw has a rip capacity of 31-1/2″ to the right of the blade and 11-3/8″ to the left. It has a depth of cut at 90 degrees is 3-1/8″, and the depth of cut at 45 degrees is 2-1/8″.

The table size is 40-1/8″ wide by 27″ deep. The saw has a 2 HP, 115V/230V, single-phase motor. It is prewired for 115V.

  • Easy to use
  • Clear blade guard
  • Rip capacity
  • Depth of cut at 90 degrees
  • Depth of cut at 45 degrees
  • The sawdust created can be a problem

4. Powermatic 64B, 10-Inch Table Saw:

The Powermatic 64B is a 10-inch table saw that offers great features for the price. It comes with so many features including the exclusive Accu-Fence system, quick-release riving knife, cast iron trunnion, and Micro-adjust miter gauge.

The exclusive Accu-Fence system on the Powermatic 64B is one of its best features. This system locks to the rail without play, ensuring increased safety and precision when cutting. The quick-release riving knife is another great feature of the saw. This knife helps to maintain close blade proximity, reducing the chance of kickback.

The cast-iron trunnion is another feature that sets the Powermatic 64B apart from the competition. This trunnion ensures smooth blade positioning and allows for greater precision when cutting.

The Micro-adjust miter gauge on this table saw is also a great feature. This gauge offers wider crosscut support, making it easier to get accurate cuts every time. The built-in dust port on this saw is another great feature. This port increases dust collection efficiency, making it easier to keep your workspace clean.

  • Powerful motor
  • Exclusive Accu-Fence system
  • Quick-release riving knife
  • Cast iron trunnion
  • Micro-adjust miter gauge
  • Built-in dust port
  • Some users have reported wobble in the table
  • The table is a bit small for larger projects

5. LIXFDJ Retractable Table Saw:

The LIXFDJ Retractable Table Saw is perfect for professional use, as it offers a powerful motor and great safety features. It has a lot of features that make it a great choice for woodworking projects.

The motor of this table saw is 1800W and can reach speeds up to 5000rpm, making it perfect for cutting through metal, wood, aluminum, and other materials. The saw also has an electronic switch overload protection system that will keep the saw running safely for longer periods.

This table saw is also able to cut through a range of materials, making it perfect for a variety of projects. Also, it has an adjustable saw piece that can be set to a height of 5-45mm and can be used to cut through a range of different thicknesses.

  • Best for professional use
  • Offers a powerful motor
  • Features an electronic switch overload protection system
  • Can cut through a variety of materials
  • Has an adjustable saw piece
  • Maybe too powerful for some home users

My Recommendation

According to my research, the Grizzly Industrial G0771Z – 10″ 2 HP 120V Hybrid Table Saw is the best table saw under 2000. It offers a great value for the price and comes with a variety of features that make it perfect for any woodworking project.

You can’t go wrong with this saw. I personally use this and I would highly recommend this table saw to anyone.


So there you have it. My top picks for the best table saw under 2000. Whichever of these tables saw great options you choose, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product that will help you get the job done right. Thanks for reading and I hope this article was helpful in your search for the perfect table saw.


What should I look for when choosing a table saw?

When choosing a table saw, you should consider the size of the motor, the type of blade, the depth of cut, and the size of the table. You should also consider the safety features of the saw and whether or not it comes with a stand.

What is the best table saw for home use?

The best table saw for home use is the Jet JPS-10 115V 30″ ProShop Table Saw. This saw offers a great value for the price and comes with a variety of features that make it perfect for any woodworking project.

What is the best table saw for professional use?

The best table saw for professional use is probably the Grizzly Industrial G0771Z Table Saw. Because it is a hybrid table saw, it can be used for both home and professional projects. It also has a powerful motor and comes with a stand.

How do I know if a table saw is right for me?

To know the answer to this question, you should consider the types of projects you will be working on and the level of experience you have. If you are a beginner, it might be a good idea to start with a small table saw. If you are experienced, you might want to choose a more powerful table saw.

Are there any specific brands that you prefer under 2000?

There are so many brands out there that it is hard to say which one is the best. However, I would recommend looking into Grizzly Industrial, Jet, and LIXFDJ. These are all great brands that offer quality products. But my favorite is Grizzly.

What are some of the safety features I should look for in a table saw?

Some of the safety features you should look for in a table saw include a riving knife, a blade guard, and anti-kickback pawls. You should also make sure that the saw has an emergency stop button. These features will help to keep you safe while using the saw.

Are there any other accessories I need to buy with my table saw?

There are a few other accessories you might need to buy with your table saw, depending on the type of projects you will be working on. These accessories include a miter gauge, a rip fence, and clamps.

How do I care for my table saw?

To care for your table saw, you should make sure to keep the blade clean and sharp. You should also oil the moving parts of the saw to prevent rust. Finally, you should always unplug the saw when it is not in use.