How do you use a Table Saw? – Expert Guide

When it comes to woodworking, the table saw is among one of the most versatile tools in a shop. Whether you craft small items and furniture or larger projects, the table saw can come in handy for making accurate cuts and joints. Here’s how do you use a table saw?

Parts of the Table Saw


The fence is used to hold the material in place as it passes over the blade. It can be adjusted for different thicknesses of wood and has a handle on top that allows you to easily move it back and forth.

Blade Guard

This starts just above the table surface and covers the saw blade up until the start of the motor. It has a round hole that you can use to easily adjust your blade height and a small hook on the end that keeps it locked into place until you push it down with your finger.

Anti-Kickback Pawls

These two metal pieces guard against kickback by sliding outward as soon as they touch something, preventing it from moving back towards the blade. They are connected to a spring that is either attached to the pawls or the saw body itself.


The saw blade spins anywhere from 3,000-4,500 rpm and is used to cut through materials placed on top of the table.

Table Surface

The flat surface right below the blade is used to hold the piece of lumber steady as it is being cut.

Miter Gauge      

This accessory can be used to help you guide your wood at a specific angle while cutting.

Fence Handle  

This handle, usually located on the right side of the table saw, is used for adjusting the fence.

Lower Handle   

This handle, usually located on the left side of the table saw, is used to manually lower the blade. Read more here How many watts dose a table use for.

Power Switch 

The power switch is found in front of or along the upper edge of your table saw. It is typically square and has an “on/off” symbol attached to it so you can easily locate it.


The motor powers the blade and is connected to a pulley that controls the rpm of the blade.

Angled Cuts of Table Saw 

A table saw is a woodworking tool that allows you to make angled cuts by adjusting the angle of the blade. This saw can be used to create straight lines or curved cuts, and it is an essential piece of equipment for any woodworker. 

While you can use a table saw to make angled cuts, the blade is typically more likely to kick back or cause other safety concerns if it isn’t completely straight. Read more here what is table saw sled used for.

Steps for Making an Angle Cut on a Table Saw 

Lower your blade below the surface of your board through the slot – make sure there aren’t any bumps in the blade and that it sits perfectly flat against your board before continuing.

Place a block or piece of wood on either side of your lumber so you can easily push it through the blade once it’s turned on. 

Start by pushing through just a little bit at first before flipping the switch off – even though you’ve turned off your table saw, don’t pull out your board until both blades have completely stopped rotating! Once they’re at a complete stop, you should be able to remove your cut board without too much trouble.

Keep in mind that angles are naturally more dangerous on a table saw if you aren’t careful – be sure to practice this process a few times before using it on anything important.

Be sure to read your saw’s manual for more details when making certain types of angled cuts, such as bevels or compound angles!


  • Allows you to do long cuts with ease.
  • Can cut different types of angles. 
  • Can be folded up for easy storage or transportation. 
  • No tools are required.
  • Has an option to use a dado blade.


  • Dust collection is poor.

Safety Warning of Table Saw

You may be wondering how to use a table saw. Well, wonder no more! Our safety warning guide will show you how to properly operate this powerful tool. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be able to make precise cuts in no time.!

To begin, unplug your table saw from any nearby outlets and then pull it out from the wall so you have enough room to work with.

Next, inspect your blade guard and anti-kickback pawls – they should be moving up and down easily and freely. If you notice any trouble with either part of these two safety mechanisms, we recommend taking them off for now until you can get them repaired or replaced.

First, begin by unplugging your power cord from any nearby outlets before beginning work on anything that requires using your table saw. Then carefully slide out the side supports so you have room to add your piece of lumber onto what’s referred to as the “fence.”

This fence will provide an accurate line up with either edge of your board so be sure your piece is squared up – level top and bottom – before locking it into place. Many models allow you to easily adjust your fence in and out to accommodate for different thicknesses of lumber, but be sure you lock it into place once you’ve made an adjustment.

Once everything is in place, flip on your power switch and lower both your blade guard and anti-kickback pawls – even though they’re not in perfect working order, this provides an added layer of protection while you use your table saw safely. For additional precaution when using a table saw, it’s also advisable to wear some protective eyewear and gloves. Read more here what to used a table saw for.

Now, you’re all set to get to work! Simply attach your table saw’s miter gauge or fence securely onto the side of your table saw with the help of a screwdriver. Once it’s attached, be sure to tighten them down so they won’t move while you use this powerful tool.

Before actually using your table saw on any pieces of lumber, we recommend practicing for a few minutes on an old piece that you can easily spare just in case something goes wrong during what is probably the most dangerous part: making blade adjustments and cutting pieces of wood.

Begin by turning on your saw and then carefully lowering your blade below the surface of your board through the slot – make sure there aren’t any bumps in the blade and that it sits perfectly flat against your board before continuing. Next, place a block or piece of wood on either side of your lumber so you can easily push it through the blade once it’s turned on.

Remember to keep your fingers as far away from the saw blade as possible just in case anything were to go wrong during the cutting process – this is an important rule of thumb for safely operating any power tools. Start by pushing through just a little bit at first before flipping the switch off – even though you’ve turned off your table saw, don’t pull out your board until both blades have completely stopped rotating! Once they’re at a complete stop, you should be able to remove your cut board without too much trouble.

Be sure to practice this process a few times before actually using your table saw on anything for what must be the most important safety tip to remember, practice makes perfect!


Use a table saw for angled cuts of wood materials. Table surface Close up of blade and safety equipment Blade guard Power switch on a Dewalt Table Saw Anti-Kickback Pawls on a Dewalt Table Saw Miter gauge attached to a Dewalt Table Saw Fence handle on a Dewalt Table Saw Lower handle to the lower blade on a Dewalt Table Saw.

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