How High Should A Table Saw Be?

As a professional carpenter, one of the most important pieces of equipment in your workshop is the table saw. This versatile tool can be used for everything from making simple cuts to crafting intricate designs.

It’s important that you have the correct table saw height for your body size and working style, so you can stay safe and productive. In this blog post, we’ll provide tips on how high should a table saw be!

How High Should A Table Saw Be?

In order to find the optimum height for your table saw, start by standing next to it in a comfortable working position. In this position, you should be able to easily reach both the handle and trigger without over-stretching or leaning forward too much.

If your saw is adjustable, ensure that it’s placed at 36 inches from the floor before locking it into place. If your table saw does not adjust in height, then you can use a box underneath one of its legs in order to raise it up. Read more here what size table saw do i need.

Be aware that if you do make this change, both its height and balance will have been altered so when cutting, the saw may be more prone to movement.

How To Find The Right Table Saw Height

In order to find the right table saw height, you will first need to determine how high or low your saw should be. Some factors to take into consideration include: your body size, your working style, and the types of projects you’ll be working on. Read more here what size blade for table saw.

The ideal elbow height for a table saw is around 36 inches from the floor. This provides enough space above the blade to cut larger pieces of lumber safely and comfortably, while also allowing plenty of space below the tabletop for smaller boards. If possible, set up your equipment in an area where you can adjust its height to accommodate different types of work (i.e., cutting large wood boards versus trimming).

If setting up a stationary workstation, you will then need to adjust the height of your saw to suit your working style. Some people find it easier to stand while cutting, while others feel more comfortable sitting on a stool or chair.

Another factor worth considering is what you are using the table saw for. If you are building furniture, cabinets or other large woodworking projects, then you’ll likely want to set your table saw at a higher level than if you were just doing finish work or carpentry repairs. Read more here what size dado blade for 10 table saw.

This is because when creating larger furnishings, you’ll likely be using boards that are around ¾ inches thick which require more space above them in order to cut through safely and comfortably. However, when doing repair work where the lumber may only ½ inch thick (or less), then you should set the table saw at around 28 inches high.

How Tall Should a Table Saw Stand Be?

Can You Adjust The Height Of Portable Table Saws?

If you own a portable table saw (i.e., one that doesn’t remain stationary), then you can adjust its height by unlocking its legs and repositioning them upwards or downwards to meet your needs. However, if you plan on doing this regularly, we advise buying a saw with adjustable legs in order to make this process easier and allow for better stability while cutting (especially if the workpiece is large and heavy).

What You Avoid When Working With A Table Saw?

Once your table saw has been set up at the appropriate height, there are certain precautions you should take in order to reduce any potential when using it. To begin, make sure that the tabletop is placed in a way where you can easily cut through your lumber without running into its protective fence.
While some table saws have a lower guard designed to control the board’s movement while cutting it down, this feature should never be relied on. Instead, remain focused at all times while using your table saw and only pull the trigger once you are ready to start cutting. If you are ever unsure about whether your saw is safe to use, always err on the side of caution and don’t cut anything.


With this information, you can make an educated decision on how high to set your table saw. Have any of these tips helped you decide the height of your table saw? Thanks for Reading!

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