how to assemble ironton 6 amp reciprocating saw

Assembling an Ironton 6 Amp reciprocating saw is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes. The saw is easily assembled by attaching the blade screws to the motor and then placing the blade housing over the screws. Once the blade housing is in place, the handle can be attached and the saw is ready for use. For more detailed instructions on how to assemble this saw, read more!


1. With the saw turned off and unplugged, remove the blade housing from the tool’s handle. Take care when removing this piece to not touch the blade while it is still inside of the housing. 

2. Using a phillips head screwdriver or other suitable tool, remove any screws that may be holding the blade housing in place. To do this, simply turn the screws until they are loose enough to remove from the saw’s handle with your fingers. 

3. Gently pull the blade housing away from the tool and set aside for assembly later on. 

4. Remove any debris that may be stuck inside of the tool’s gears and other working components

5. Take one of the two blade screws and make sure there is a copper washer underneath it; slide both ends of the blade screw through their respective holes (one end will already be through). The copper washer should be facing outwards towards you once inserted into its hole. 

6. Apply firm pressure onto each side of this piece using two hands while turning counterclockwise; adjust as needed until the blade screw is free from its housing. 

7. Insert a replacement blade screw into the same hole as you did for the previous one – make sure there are no washers underneath either end of this piece before inserting it. 

8. Again using firm pressure, turn both sides of this piece clockwise until they tighten against their respective holes and stay in place without movement. Repeat these steps to attach the second blade screw to your saw’s housing. 

9. Make sure that both screws have been tightened firmly into place by giving them a few extra rotations with your hands just to be safe. You can now re-attach your tool’s blade housing to its working components before continuing on to use it!


1. Its body is made out of plastic which makes it lighter than most reciprocating saws on the market today.

2. This product’s blade can spin at up to 3000 revolutions per minute.

3. The design of this tool is very ergonomic and easy to use due to its grip handle having a lot of space in between its teeth for your hands to fit into without getting any cramps during long jobs.

4. It is corded-electric so you won’t have to worry about buying expensive batteries for it unlike some other power tools that are rechargeable.

5. 6 Amp motor gives this product a lot of torque while running which allows its blades to cut through hard materials much easier than other power tools. 

6. The blade of this saw is made out of steel which makes it capable of cutting through all sorts of materials like wood, plastic, metal, stone and other objects without getting bent or breaking under high amounts of force!

How to open the package?

The Ironton 6 Amp reciprocating saw is delivered in a square shaped box with the brand name, company name, model number and some other general specifications printed on it. The package has two sets of fasteners that are used to secure the handle part of the tool within its packaging. To open this package, you will need to use a sharp cutting object such as an X-acto knife or pair of scissors to cut through one of the non label ends of the tape seal located on either ends of the box’s top flap. Once done so, you can pull away at both sides until the entire top flap comes apart from its base along with your new product!

How to insert the blade?

Inserting a blade into this Ironton 6 Amp reciprocating saw is an incredibly simple and easy task. To insert your new blade, begin by holding the tool with one hand while its housing is facing towards you. Then using your other hand, slide each end of the tool onto its respective bars along the inside of the housing’s upper area; align it to where they meet precisely within their designated grooves for optimal use of your tool. Once in place, you can turn on the saw and test out how it works before beginning any cutting tasks! 

How to shut off?

To safely shut off or unplug your Ironton 6 Amp reciprocating saw from a power source, simply move your fingers away from its ON/OFF switch or main power button. This will bring the tool to an immediate halt and turn off its motor for a safe working environment! 

How to fix it?

If your Ironton 6 Amp reciprocating saw cannot be turned off from within its ON/OFF switch, try using a different wall socket altogether as well as another power cable that is plugged into it. If even this does not work then there could be a possible wiring issue going on with this tool’s power cord.

How to hold the saw? 

Hold the tool with one hand while its housing is facing away from you, then use your other hand to slide each end of its handle onto their respective rails within the upper and lower area of the housing. Finally, turn on this saw and test out how it works before beginning any cutting tasks!

How to make a cut? 

Make sure that both security screws have been tightened firmly into place by giving them a few extra rotations with your hands just to be safe. You can now re-attach your tool’s blade housing to its working components before continuing on to use it! 

How to clean?

After some time of use, you may find that the Ironton 6 Amp reciprocating saw is no longer able to cut through any materials without some issues. This could be due to some dust build up around the bars located inside the housing which are used for supporting its blades. 

To clear out this dust and make sure that your saw is working at full capacity, perform these steps: 

1. Unplug your power cord from its wall socket, not doing so could cause some pretty nasty injuries which you surely want to avoid!

2. Using a screwdriver or any other small device that can fit inside its gaps, lift up the upper part of your saw’s housing with both hands. 

3. Remove this part from its lower half and set it aside in a safe place to make sure not to lose any of the screws which hold these two components together! 

4. Blow away all dust particles that might have built up around the bars that are used for supporting blades along the inner sides of the upper area of this saw’s housing using compressed air or an air compressor. 

5. Use a dry cloth or tissue paper soaked in oil to wipe away heavy dirt and grime off of your tool’s body so as to not damage any of its inner components. 

6. Set both parts of your Ironton 6 Amp reciprocating saw’s housing back into place and turn off its power supply before taking care of serious repairs or replacements to avoid any accidents!

Safety Precautions

1. Always wear safety goggles when using this tool for any kind of cutting tasks to minimize the risk of getting debris or material in your eyes, which could potentially lead to a loss of vision if not treated properly! 

2. Make sure that both security screws have been tightened firmly into place by giving them a few extra rotations before you begin any cutting jobs to avoid accidental falls while holding the saw in one hand. 

3. Be very careful about where you place this tool’s power cord because it can be quite dangerous if someone trips over it and pulls the plug from its wall socket accidentally while working on some project. 

4. While using this product, make sure that there is always at least 1 foot of distance between yourself and other people nearby in order to prevent the possibility of anyone getting nicked by its blades while they are still rotating. 

5. Always remove both parts of this saw’s handle from one another before attempting to transport it or storing it in a safe place out of reach from children and other pets that may mess around with it while you’re away! 

6. When beginning any cutting task, slowly lower your saw’s blade so as not to get any accidents while working. Only begin making cuts once you have brought your blade all the way down to where your material is being held! 

7. Never try holding anything too thin or fragile within the path of this saw because it could break under high amounts of pressure which can lead to injuries if you’re not careful about how you position things!


That’s all there is to assembling the Ironton 6 Amp Reciprocating Saw! We hope you found this guide helpful and that your new saw works well for your projects. Be sure to check out our other power tool guides for more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your tools. Thanks for reading, and happy sawing!