How To Change A Table Saw Blade? – Expert Guide

If you have a table saw, then you’re going to need to know How to change a table saw blade? when it becomes dull. While there are several different types of table saws, many of them follow a basic process for changing blades that includes an arbor lock and blade wrench. With all the major components in place, changing out your table saw blade is an easy task that doesn’t require any special tools. 

Table saw blades are some of the most important and underrated tools in any workshop. A good blade can make all the difference between a clean, smooth cut and a jagged, tear-out mess. In this post, we’ll show you how to change a table saw blade quickly and easily. We’ll also give you some tips for choosing the right blade for your project. So read on to learn more about table saw blades – and how to keep them in great shape!

Steps How to change a table saw blade

Step 1. Disconnect The Power

To avoid any accidents or injuries, make sure your table saw blade is disconnected from its power source. Always keep safety in mind when working with your saw or any of its parts.

Step 2. Unplug The Blade

Before you start taking anything apart, remove the arbor nut and blade plug from the backside of the arbor. Some table saws have an arbor nut that is very similar in design to a standard screw, while others might use what looks like a cotter pin; in either case, make sure it’s completely removed before moving forward with the blade change process. Read more here How to change blade on roybi table saw.

Step 3. Remove The Blade

Once the plug and nut are out of the way, you can begin removing the blade by holding it with one hand and flipping the arbor lock lever on your table saw to its unlocked position (this is where having a quick release lever can be helpful). While still holding on to the blade, use your other hand to give the bottom of it a few firms taps until it pops loose from the arbor. Finally, pull it off of the machine and collect all the loose parts that fell while you were replacing your blade.

Step 4. Insert New Blade

Once you have everything together from step one, simply insert the new piece into the backside of your table saw’s arbor and secure it with a new nut or cotter pin (if necessary). To make sure this connection is as tight as possible, tighten down on it by hand to keep it in place while you turn on your saw and start using your new blade. You can then finish tightening everything before flipping the arbor lock to its locked position and plugging in your machine again.

Step 5: Test Out the New Blade

Before you start using your new blade, take a short moment to test it out and make sure that it is operating the way you want. To do this, turn on your saw and slowly raise its height while making several cuts in a piece of scrap wood until you’re satisfied with how the blade runs. Read more here How to change blade on table saw without wrench.

Step 6: Save The Old Blade

While you might not use an old table saw blade again, there are plenty of ways to recycle or reuse one like sharpening up another tool or turning pieces into creative art pieces. If nothing else, save them in case they come in handy for a future project.

Step 7. Tighten The Arbor Nut

Once you’re satisfied with how your new blade operates, flip your arbor lock to its locked position and tighten down the blade using an adjustable wrench. This will ensure that it stays in place while you finish cutting any remaining pieces of wood for your project.

Steps 8. Replace The Throat Plate and Blade Guard

Next, replace the throat plate on your table saw. Once that’s in place, flip the blade guard up into its normal operating position and you can start using your new blade right away! Read more here How to change craftsman table saw blade.


Are you feeling daring? A little bit of DIY energy in you? Well, then it’s time to change your table saw blade! This is a job that can be done by anyone with the proper instructions, so don’t be intimidated. Sure, it might seem like a big job, but if you follow these simple steps, you’ll have the new blade installed in no time! And trust me – it’s definitely worth doing yourself. Changing your table saw blade is one of the easiest ways to improve your sawing experience and make sure that your projects come out looking great. Ready to get started?

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