How To Change Blade Dewalt Circular Saw?

Changing the blade on your Dewalt circular saw is a quick and easy process that can be completed in just a few minutes. By following these simple instructions, you can have your saw up and running again in no time. Always make sure to wear safety goggles when performing this or any other type of sawing activity.

Important Instructions Before How To Change Blade Dewalt Circular Saw?

  1. Before you begin, make sure your circular saw is unplugged from its power source. If it is plugged in when you try to change the blade, there is a chance that you may be seriously injured or killed by electrocution if it were to come in contact with water or another conductive material such as concrete.
  2. Put on your safety glasses, and find a flat surface to lay the saw down onto. Make sure that this area is free of any debris or items that could be damaged if they were to come into contact with your circular saw’s blade. Once you have found a good place, turn the front handgrip all the way in so it points away from you at a 90-degree angle from your legs. Then slide the bar holding the blade until it rests against its base where it attaches to the power cord.
  3. Slide the guard over so that it makes a tight fit against the blade and guard rail assembly, covering them completely with no gaps between them anywhere along their length.
  4. Using both hands, grip the circular saw with its front handgrip. Turn the saw on its side so that the blade hangs over your work area while resting in the guard rail assembly.
  5. Using your hands, carefully slide the new blade completely through the blade holder until it is flush against any of the side shields attached to it. Inspect both sides of each shield to ensure they are fully seated on each side of the blade evenly. If one or more are not seated correctly, remove them and try again with a new shield(s) if needed.  
  6. Now turn off your circular saw and spin it around so that you are facing the rear handgrip which should be closest to you at this point. Tilt the saw down toward you so that both of your hands are free to get underneath it without having to balance it up in the air.
  7. Pull out the metal bar holding the blade and throw it away, making sure not to lose any parts or leave them in a place where they can still be accessed by other people who may come into contact with them later on when in use.
  8. Put on your safety glasses before touching anything further, this includes walking around with bare feet. Gently slide the new dewalt circular saw blade onto its horizontal holder until it is flush against either side shield attached to it. Be careful not to drop the new blade because if you do, chances are good that you will never find all the small pieces again.  
  9. Once the replacement blade is attached to its holder, twirl it around a few times in each direction to make sure that everything is seated correctly before putting your saw back together and taking it back into use.
  10. Make sure to clean up any loose parts or debris from all over your work area before you re-plug your circular saw back in and begin using it as usual.

A Video Guide On How To Change Blade Dewalt Circular Saw

This video is explaining how to change the blade Dewalt Circular Saw.

how to change blade Dewalt circular saw

The Step By Step Guide How To Change Blade Dewalt Circular Saw:


Turn the saw off and unplug from its socket if it is corded, if it is battery powered, remove the battery before doing anything else then proceed with instructions to change out your blade.


Flip your circular saw over so that you can get a better view of what’s going on under the hood, so to speak.


Remove any shields covering the side blades by pressing down on their little handle thingies and sliding them off towards either direction as needed, depending upon which side they were attached to as well as how many there are in total along both edges of the blade itself. Keep those little handles where they cannot be accessed by other people who might want to use this saw for work after you have put it away.


Remove the screws or nuts holding onto either side shield protecting the circular saw blade itself by using your screwdriver to first take out all of them before you remove either one, two, or even three shields depending upon how many there are being held up above the blade by those screws or nuts. Be careful not to drop any of these small hardware pieces into places where they will be lost for good because if this happens, replacing them could become difficult.


Carefully lift up both sides of each blade shield at once so as not to lose balance and have everything drop onto the ground below which could cause injury or damage to other parts on your saw, you do not want this so stay calm throughout this process! Keep the two shields together as you remove them from the blade so that everything can be set down easily without having to worry about separating these parts once everything is far enough away.


Remove the old saw blade by pulling it straight up and out of its holding area, paying close attention to how it is attached to this part so that you know where the new one needs to be seated before doing anything else. You can now do something with your old blade depending upon what it was used for, whether or not you are discarding or selling it on online auctions or if you are going to hang onto it in case there is a problem with any item being cut after installing your new saw blade into place.


Take out the new circular saw blade and place it in the same position that your old one was located using the parts you just took out as a guide for where to put everything. Slide each piece of the blade shield back into its original spot making sure that they are securely in place before doing anything else then lock them down by flipping them over so any screws or nuts can be locked in their holes again.


Turn your saw over and make sure that all of the moving parts are still working, such as when you push down on its handlebars and slide the blade forward only to have it stop when it gets close enough to what is below, this should allow you to see if anything is obstructing its movement like a loose piece of metal inside the saw housing which needs to be tightened up if you find such a problem.


Plugin your saw and test its movements again to make sure that things are all well and working before using this for any kind of work that needs precision and accuracy, only doing so when you know that everything is safe and all parts are secure like they should be!


What are the benefits of changing the blade on your circular saw? 

Improved metal cutting capability for more accurate cuts. 
Cleaner, safer work environment when using a new blade in place of the one you are discarding.
The higher quality end results when cutting through materials like wood, plastic, or other composites because your blade will be able to slice through them much easier and with much less effort needed from you. 

How to determine if it’s time to change your saw blade? 

Cutting through more than 1/4″ or 3/8″ materials using your circular saw blade will wear down the teeth on it over time, and replacing it when this happens is always recommended. If you find that the material you are cutting is sticking to the blade instead of coming free from it, then chances are good that your saw blade might need changing soon before something goes wrong with your current one.
If you have cut through a piece of wood and noticed chips flying in different directions along with dust and little pieces of debris flying off in other directions after making each cut, you may want to take a look at how sharp your saw blades were to determine if they need replacing or just touched up onto be used again later on for regular work. Dull blades tend to cause more of a mess than sharp ones because they need you to put more pressure onto them for them to cut through things effectively.


It is important to take the necessary precautions when changing the blade on a Dewalt circular saw. Make sure that the power is turned off and unplugged before beginning this process. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to change the blade on your Dewalt circular saw-like a pro in no time!