How to Change Blade on Hyper Tough Reciprocating Saw | Complete Guide

If you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, at some point you will need to know how to change the blade on a reciprocating saw. Although the procedure for changing the blade is relatively simple, there are a few things you need to know in order to do it safely and effectively.

In quick way, to change the blade on a Hyper Tough reciprocating saw, remove the blade guard. Then use an Allen wrench to loosen the blade clamp screw. Next, remove the old blade and insert the new one. Finally, tighten the blade clamp screw.

Keep reading because in this article, I will discuss the steps necessary to change the blade on a Hyper Tough reciprocating saw. I will also provide some tips that will make the process easier. Let’s get started.!

How to Change Blade on Hyper Tough Reciprocating Saw Step By Step

Here are some steps to do this job done safely:

Step 1:

Make sure that the saw is unplugged and disconnected from the battery pack. It can be dangerous to try and change the blade while it is plugged in and turned on. Always unplug your saw before performing any maintenance.

Step 2:

Grasp the saw handle with one hand. Depress the back button on the blade clamp with your thumb and gently push it away from you to open the locking mechanism and release any tension on the blade. 

Step 3:

Remove any nails or staples that may be protruding from the end of the saw’s shoe by giving them a gentle tap with the handle of your hammer. These pieces of metal can easily damage the saw blade and make it less useful, if not completely useless. 

Step 4:

Pull back on the locking mechanism located just below the blade clamp with your free hand until you feel it release from the blade shank. 

Step 5:

Grasp one end of the old saw blade in each hand and slide them out together. Make sure that you do not attempt to remove one side without removing and discarding the other side as well since this will cause excessive tension on the new replacement blades and they may be damaged during installation. 

Step 6:

Turn your Hyper Tough Reciprocating Saw over so that you are looking at the underside of the shoe.

Step 7:

Locate and depress the blade release button on the top right corner of the head assembly. 

Step 8:

Pull back on the blade clamp until it releases from the new saw blade’s shank.

Step 9:

Place one end of your new saw blade into the head assembly and slide it all the way back until is fully seated in place with no slack. Best Blade That I Use DEWALT 6-Piece (DW4856).

Step 10:

Use your free hand to slide back on each side of your Hyper Tough reciprocating saw’s blade clamp and bring it forward again, towards you. This will create tension between the new purchase and ensure that it is properly held in place for use later on. You now repeat these steps to change the blade on the other end of your reciprocating saw.

How Can You Tell If The Blade Needs To Be Replaced? 

  1. If you notice any of the following issues with your saw blade, it’s time to change it:
  2. The blades are worn down and do not spin freely.
  3. The teeth on the blades are bent or broken off. 
  4. You can push your finger into the side of the blade with no resistance. 
  5. Rust, corrosion, or discoloration on part of the blade.

Tips For Changing Your Hyper Tough Reciprocating Saw’s Blade 

  • Always use two hands when performing this action to avoid injuries that may occur from unsecured tools during use.
  • Read each step carefully before proceeding to prevent damage to either yourself or your tool.
  • When inserting a new blade in place, make sure you insert both ends exactly at the same time in order to avoid the blade being caught on one side only.
  • Keep track of which way you have inserted your blades because if you try to change a left-hand blade into a right-handed tool, it will not fit and damage may result due to over-tension.
  • Make sure that you lubricate your saw according to the manufacturer’s specifications before storing it for long periods of time.
  • Most importantly; always use your saw with caution and common sense to avoid serious injury or damage!
  1. Safety Glasses (I Use DEWALT DPG82-11C)
  2. Recommended Ear protection 3M WorkTunes
  3. Recommended Dust mask 10059526 Dust Mask
  4. Protective Gloves (I Use (580LA))

Follow The Manufacturer’s Directions Carefully For The Safest Results!

  1. Use common sense when changing Hyper Tough reciprocating saw blades. Always use two hands on the underside of your saw to avoid excessive movement during use or accidental injuries from shifting equipment.
  2. Lock the blade clamp in place before beginning a cutting task for added safety and efficiency, and be sure to release it before trying to remove new replacement blades for future tasks. Read the remainder of this article for more safety tips.
  3. Always hold your Hyper Tough reciprocating saw firmly with one hand so that you do not lose control during operation or accidentally hurt yourself while performing maintenance.
  4. Before removing nails or other obstructions from the shoe or unlocking any locking mechanisms, make sure both hands are free.
  5. Make adjustments only to the bottom section of your saw when replacing an old blade with a new one, and take care to match the blade end-to-end equally when inserting it into place.
  6. Hyper Tough reciprocating saw blades should be lubricated before use for optimal performance and long life. Finally, always work carefully to maintain safety while using your saw!


It is important to know how to change the blade on a reciprocating saw. Not only will this help you be able to complete the job faster, but it can also help keep you safe while working.

I hope that this article has helped you learn how to do just that. Be sure to practice changing the blade on your saw before attempting the job at hand – safety should always be your top priority. 

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