How To Change The Blade On a Craftsman Scroll Saw? – Complete Guide

Scroll saw blades need to be changed on a regular basis in order to produce the best results. Here is a guide on how to change the blade on your Craftsman scroll saw.

In short, to change the blade first, remove the old blade by unscrewing the blade clamp and sliding the blade out. Then insert the new blade into the blade clamp and tighten the screw.

Changing the blade is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. All you need are some basic tools and a new blade. Follow these easy steps and you will have a brand new blade installed in no time!

How To Change The Blade On a Craftsman Scroll Saw?

Here are some steps to do this safely:

  • The first step in changing the blade on a Craftsman Scroll Saw is unplugging the switch on the back, which will turn it off before you change out the blades.

  • Then remove the metal piece that holds it in place. Now take your new blade and mount it. Mounting your blade properly ensures it goes smoothly through your material without snapping or throwing off during your cuts!

  • Locate the two nuts at either end of your saw. Insert them into their respective holes once you have found them.

  • Tighten down both of these screws until they are securely fastened onto the saw table brackets; this ensures that your blade does not move.

  • Once you have tightened down the nuts, connect the two-motor drive wires back together by inserting one into its respective hole on the other side of your saw’s switch.

  • When it comes time to change out the blade on your Craftsman Scroll Saw, simply follow these steps to complete that task successfully! We at Sears are committed to helping you get the job done right!

Unpinned Scroll Saw Blades Craftsman

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Scroll Saw Blade Direction 

When cutting with a scroll saw blade, the direction you cut in is incredibly important. The name of the game is “right-handedness” this means that when you are looking down at your workpiece, you want to pull toward yourself instead of pushing away. This will ensure that the scrolling process goes smoothly and without hiccups!

Left Handed? Scroll Saw Blades Still Make Cutting A Breeze

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If your blade isn’t cutting through materials like it used to, check these 5 simple things to see if they’re causing an issue.

  • Is your blade getting ready for a replacement? Scroll saw blades have a tendency to dull over time, so if it hasn’t been long since you last replaced yours, it may be a good time to do so! 
  • Have you fully tightened down the tension knob? This will ensure that no slack has developed in the blade and can cause issues with your quality of cut. 
  • Is your material vibrating as the blade goes through it? The vibration from the materials will cause issues because as you apply pressure back down on each pass, this will cause inconsistencies in the cut.
  • Are you allowing for enough space between yourself and the wood or plastic? If there isn’t enough space, the blade may hit your hands as it spins. This can easily cause injury and should be avoided at all costs! 
  • Is your material sliding around as you cut? This will cause issues because if your material isn’t stable during a cutting, it’ll go into shambles and ruin the design of the cut.

A Video Guide How To Change The Blade On a Craftsman Scroll Saw

Video To Change the blade on a craftsman scroll saw


Scroll saws are an excellent addition to any woodworker’s tool kit. With our Craftsman scroll saw blades, you’ll be able to cut through any material like it’s butter! So why not go ahead and pick up a pack of 24 unpinned blades today?

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