How To Cut 45 Degree Angles With A Circular Saw | The Ultimate Guide

The circular saw can be used for everything from making straight cuts to cutting curves and delicate details. When it comes to making detailed cuts with a circular saw, achieving perfect 45-degree angles is key. Making 45-degree angles with a circular saw can seem tricky, but it’s quite easy.

In this blog post, I’ll show you How To Cut 45 Degree Angles With A Circular Saw? I’ll also provide some tips for making these angles as accurate as possible. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker, read on for all the information you need.

Things You’ll need

  • Circular Saw
  • Tape
  • Sacrificial sheet (MDF or plywood)
  • Speed Square
  • A Straight Edge or a Level
  • Two Clamps
  • A Sandpaper or Rasp

Step-by-Step Guide to Cutting at 45 degrees with a Circular Saw

Step 1:

Tape a straight edge or level to your workpiece. This will help you ensure that your cuts are straight and accurate.

Step 2:

Set the depth of your circular saw blade to the desired thickness of the cut.

Step 3:

Place your sacrificial sheet beneath your workpiece. This sheet will protect your workbench from accidental sawdust and debris.

Step 4:

Align the blade of your circular saw with the angle you’d like to cut. You can use a speed square for this.

Step 5:

Carefully guide the saw along the straight edge or level, making sure to keep it at a consistent angle. Make sure to keep your hands clear of the blade!

Step 6:

When you reach the end of the cut, turn off your circular saw (and unplug it, if necessary). If you’d like, you can make a small mark on the workpiece to indicate where this cut is.

Step 7:

At this point, you might want to clamp another straight edge or level down on the side that you just cut at an angle.

Step 8:

Cut another straight edge along the opposite side of the workpiece; depending on your application, this might not be necessary.

Step 9:

Continue cutting until you’ve completed your desired pattern or design. Congratulations! You’ve cut 45-degree angles with your circular saw – and it wasn’t too difficult at all, was it?

How to Cut a 45 degree Angle with a Circular Saw

Instructions & Tips for Cutting 45 Degree Angles with a Circular Saw

  • If you’re making cuts at multiple angles, make sure to always cut the angles in the same direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise). After all, it’s much easier to make multiple accurate cuts than it is to correct single inaccurate ones!
  • Instead of cutting down at less than 45 degrees, you can also cut up. This is preferable when you need to make the bottom face of your workpiece flat. Of course, if necessary, you can still use a second straight edge or level to achieve accuracy.
  • Make sure that your circular saw blade is extremely sharp before making any cuts. Dull blades will produce less accurate cuts.
  • If you’re making a lot of 45-degree angle cuts, it might be better to use a jigsaw instead. While circular saw blades are extremely useful for many applications, they can be difficult or impossible to change in some situations (for example, when cutting an intricate design with lots of small details).
  • If you make a mistake, don’t worry! You can always start over by cutting off the mistakes and then work on your design from there. Just be sure that you wet sand or use a rasp to clean up any rough edges before proceeding!
  • Circular saws have a curved blade with teeth on the inside edge. If you try to cut with this side of the blade, it will produce a hook or chevron-shaped cut instead of an accurate angle. Be sure to only use the flat, outside part of your circular saw blade for your angle cuts.
  • Remember: always work safely and make sure your hands aren’t in the way of the blade. A sharp circular saw blade that is being guided by an experienced craftsman can do some amazing things, but it’s also capable of inflicting serious injury if misused. That’s why it’s important to be extremely careful!

Methods to cut 45-degree angles with a circular saw

There are a few ways to cut 45-degree angles with a circular saw. You can use a miter box, a T-bar, or a straight edge guide.

Using a miter box

You can use a miter box to perfectly cut 45-degree angles with a circular saw. The most appropriate size of the miter box is 2×4 inches, which would help you minimize errors when cutting boards or plywood sheets. Most importantly, make sure that the inside corner of your miter is 45-degree. Set the blade on the saw at 45 degrees and connect it with one of its miter slots. Adjust your fence until it matches that angle and locks it in place. Then, put your board inside and start cutting off small pieces of wood until you get a perfect cut.

Using a T-bar

You can also use a T-bar to cut 45-degree angles with a circular saw. The most important thing is to make sure that the blade is set at the correct angle. Attach the T-bar to your saw and adjust the angle of the blade until it matches the angle of the T-bar. Then, you can start cutting your boards.

Using a straight edge guide

If you are using a straight edge guide, first clamp it to the workpiece. Then, position the saw blade against the straight edge of the guide. Finally, make your cut.


Now that you know how to cut 45-degree angles with a circular saw, it’s time to get started on your next project! Be sure to practice on some scrap wood before moving on to more challenging cuts.

As always, work safely and be careful when using power tools. We hope you enjoy this handy tutorial. Happy crafting!

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