How To Cut A 135 Degree Angle On A Table Saw | Step By Step

A 135-degree angle is a popular choice for many woodworking projects because it’s not too sharp and not too round, making it a versatile shape that can be used in a variety of ways. Cutting a 135-degree angle on a table saw can be tricky if you’re not sure how to do it, but with these easy steps, you’ll be able to do it in no time!

The most widespread cut for the slanted cuts is the 135-degree angle. Whether you are making a piece of furniture or just venting your creativity have ever been faced with this problem, it’s good to know how to do it.

Tools and materials needed

  1. Table saw 
  2. Two clamps 
  3. Jigsaw with a plywood blade 
  4. Ruler 
  5. Pencil 
  6. Sharpie marker 
  7. A scrap of wood the same thickness as the final product. For example, if cutting a 1/2″ board you can use a 1×3 or any board with the same thickness. This is to make sure the product is cut into a perfect symmetric shape.  Read more here How to cut dovetails on a table saw.

How To Cut A 135 Degree Angle On A Table Saw

Here are some steps to follow when cutting:

1) First, set up a miter gauge to 45° and align it with the kerf of the blade. 

2) With your scrap board clamped on the far end of the saw table, move the miter gauge to cut the angle by sliding it forward (see image below).

3) After you’ve made that cut, rotate your scrap piece around and make another 45° cut. If everything went right, your piece should fit into itself with a sharp corner.

4) Now that you have your 90° cut, you can flip the piece over and make another 45° cut on the opposite end to finish your 135-degree angle 

5) Remove all sawdust from the saw table using a brush or vacuum cleaner. You don’t want dirt getting in your tool and potentially ruining the blade or causing an accident.

6) Now it’s time to make the cut! The miter gauge should still be set at 45°, and you should line up your piece with the saw blade (preferably in front of the blade). Place a clamp on either side of the board and slide it into position. Make sure that your hands aren’t near when sliding it into place – this is when accidents happen! 

7) Turn on the saw and slowly push forward to start cutting. Keep a close eye on the angle so you don’t accidentally bump it and turn a 90° cut into a rounded edge. Be careful not to stop halfway through – if you have to stop, turn off your tool before doing so. 

8) When you’re all done, the last thing to do is remove sawdust from your new 135-degree angle cut! Use a brush or vacuum cleaner and make sure to get rid of any leftover dirt. 

Which blade to use

Ceramic blades are great for this task because they provide a smooth finish and don’t kick up sawdust-like other types of blades. If your table saw doesn’t come with a ceramic blade, any type of fine-toothed blade will work just as well!

There you have it how to cut a 135-degree angle on a table saw! The process may seem daunting at first, but after doing it once or twice you’ll get the hang of it and be able to do it in no time. Read more here How to cut box joints on a table saw.

Safety Rules

  1. Always wear safety glasses when using power tools. 
  2. When cutting, make sure you are in a well-ventilated area to avoid breathing in sawdust. 
  3. Make sure your hands are away from the blade when sliding it into place. Keep them behind the miter gauge at all times! 
  4. If you stop halfway through, turn off your tool before doing anything else. Don’t attempt to wiggle it free or pull it out there’s a risk of injury that way.
  5. Just wait until it stops moving and then carefully move your hand towards the blade again.

How to hold the workpiece? 

The workpiece should be clamped securely on the board so that it doesn’t move when being cut. The clamp is also a great way to avoid any injuries as you can rest your hands safely away from the blade.

How do I clean up the sawdust? 

Make sure you have a dust collection system installed before making any cuts so the sawdust is removed from the table in a safe and efficient manner.

If your dust collection system doesn’t have enough power to remove all of the sawdust, use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to collect any remaining debris.

  1. To sum it up: how to cut a 135-degree angle on a table saw! 
  2. Make a 45° cut on one end of your piece. Be sure to use a clamp so that you don’t lose grip and let go of the wood 
  3. Rotate your scrap piece 90 degrees counterclockwise and line up with your blade. 
  4. Cut at a 45° angle, being careful with your hands – they shouldn’t be near the blade during this cut. Read more here How to cut a dado on a table saw.
  5. Open your scrap piece and flip it, lining up with your blade again. This time you’ll make a 45° cut on the opposite end 
  6. Remove all sawdust from the table using a brush or vacuum cleaner 
  7. Make sure to line up with your blade before turning on your tool 
  8. Be careful with your hands and always wear safety glasses 
  9. Once you’re all done, clean up any leftover sawdust


I’ve shown you how to cut a 135-degree angle on your table saw. I hope that this guide was helpful and easy to follow. Remember to always use caution when working with power tools and please consult your manufacturer’s guidelines for safety instructions.

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