How To Cut Pavers With Circular Saw?

When it comes time to tackle a DIY project, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of being able to say you did it yourself. And when it comes to cutting pavers, a circular saw is the perfect tool for the job. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to cut pavers with a circular saw in just a few simple steps. So whether you’re looking to install a new patio or driveway, or just need to make some repairs, read on for all the info you need. 

How to Cut Pavers with a Circular saw?

Cutting pavers with a circular saw is very simple. After properly preparing the paver surface, simply secure the paver into place using clamps or your hands. Then use a circular saw to cut along the lines you need to remove, following up with a brick ledge chisel to break away the unwanted portion of the paver. After your cuts are made, clean off the paver’s surface with a sponge and some water to remove any dirt or adhesive. Lastly, all you need to do is let the paver set in place for about 24 hours before walking on it again. 

  1. Draw out your line

    The first step in cutting pavers with a circular saw is to mark where you want the cut. Start by offsetting your paver from the side of the saw blade by an additional 3/8″. This will allow you to make two cuts on either side of the paver, which allows for more stability when sawing. Draw out your line with a marker or crayon.

  2. Adjust the height of your saw

    Your circular saw should have adjustable height settings, allowing you to set the depth of the cut. Start by finding the lowest setting on your machine and bring it up at least another 1/4″ higher than what you’ve marked out on your pavers. Then adjust the depth of cut so that the blade is just high enough to remove any existing surface sticking out above your mark. If this unintentional bump happens to be greater than 3/8″, then move up in incremental steps until you’ve reached an appropriate setting. Once complete, turn off and unplug your machine before moving on to step three!

  3. Make sure there’s enough room for your hand.  

    Next, you’ll need to make sure that there’s enough space between the cutting surface and the arm of the saw to allow you to cut comfortably. Adjust your grip on the circular saw by placing your thumb on top of the handle, close to where it meets with the vertical portion of metal below it (also called a guard). Experiment with different placements until you find one that allows you to better control and manipulate your blade – this is where how to cut pavers with a circular saw will come in most handy!

  4. Start cutting

    The trickiest part about making cuts with a circular saw is getting started. To do this, start by applying slight pressure just below your pre-marked line. Then, as you slowly begin to cut through the first layer of paver, repeat this process as many times as necessary until you’ve made it all the way around the entirety of your paver.

  5. Remove material and reposition pavers if necessary  

    Once you’ve finished cutting your pavers to your desired shape and size, remove any excess material that might be leftover by gently wiggling and pulling it out with pliers or a hammer and chisel (if needed). If there’s still some surface residue left on top of your pavers after this point, wet it down with water and let sit for 10 minutes before attempting to remove it again this should allow whatever is left stuck to the surface to come off more easily.

  6. Enjoy your new pavers

    Now that you know how to cut pavers with a circular saw, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor! Sit back and relax as you admire your newly installed or repaired patio or driveway easy as that. And if you’re looking for even more DIY inspiration. Check out this how-to guide for installing a paver patio that’s sure to get you motivated!


  • Circular saw
  • Masonry blade (or tile blade if only cutting pavers) 
  • Safety equipment includes eye protection, ear protection, and gloves.  


It is best to use the paver as a guide for your saw if possible. Using the brick ledge chisel, you can chip away any excess material (paver) around the cement (base). Once this has been completed, make sure that there are no uneven surfaces. To prevent tripping while walking on these new pavers, it is best to use a string line and make sure they are in a straight line. Once you make your cuts, you can file/sand the edges down to prevent any injuries.

Final Thoughts 

We’ve shown you how to cut pavers with circular saws. We’ve also provided a few tips and tricks to help make the process go as smoothly as possible. If you follow our advice, you should be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently.