How To Cut Splines On a Table Saw? – Complete Guide

A spline is basically a piece of wood that has been shaped so it can be used as a replacement for a missing part or tool. I’ve seen them made with just about anything from scrap lumber to metal and even plastic. They are usually made by cutting the material into strips, bending them into shape, then gluing them together in the desired configuration. This process is very similar to making a jigsaw puzzle, except instead of putting all the pieces together you have already done most of the work.

This project will show you how to make your own spline using wood scraps and a table saw. It’s easy to do this project if you’re comfortable working around power tools. You’ll need basic hand skills like holding a router and measuring tape, but everything else you should already know how to do. The tutorial includes pictures and detailed instructions to help you along the way.

This super-strong and simple-to-build workbench is maybe the simplest thing you ever want to build. And it only takes a day to build.

How To Cut Splines On a Table Saw

Cutting splines on a Table Saw is not difficult at all. In fact, it’s quite easy. But, there is a right way to go about doing it. So, let’s get started.


Cut two 10 ft lengths of 2×6 boards. These are going to become the sides of our benchtop.

Next, we are going to use these boards to create a frame. We are going to start by marking out a center point between each board. Then, we are going to connect the points with straight cuts.

Once we have created a frame, we are going to mark off an area where we are going to place the spline holders.

After creating the marks for the spline holders, we are going to drill holes for the screws that are going to hold the top and bottom parts of the splint together.

Now that we have drilled the holes, we are ready to attach the top and bottom parts. Since we are building the top first, we are going to screw it down before attaching the bottom.

Once both parts are attached, we are going to add some clamps to ensure that the splines don’t move during transit.

Last step! Add some finishing touches and you are finished!

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How to use a spline jig

The spline jig shown here allows you to quickly and accurately cut splines. All you need to do is set up the jig, load the spindle, lock the blade in position, and pull the trigger. That’s it! No more fiddling around trying to find the perfect angle.


Where Can I Find Splines? 

You can find splines at home improvement stores, hardware stores, and online. There are many different sizes available including ¼”, ½”, ⅝”, ⅞” and 1″.

Do picture frames need splines?

Yes, they do. Picture frames often have a groove cut into their glass which is called a rabbet. A spline is used to fill in the rabbet.

How long does it take to make one?

It depends on what size spline you choose. Most people choose a ¼” or ½” spline. However, larger ones such as ⅛” and ⅜” can also be found.

Which spline is best for me?

That really depends on what type of frame you are building. For example, if you are building a picture frame with a beveled edge, then a ¼” spline is probably the best option.


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