How To Cut Wood With A Circular Saw?

There is something satisfying about using a circular saw to cut through wood. The sound the saw makes as it cuts through the wood and the feeling of power you get when you start the saw and watch it cut through the wood. In this blog post, we will show you how to use a circular saw to cut wood. We will also show you some tips and tricks that will help make your cutting experience easier and more efficient. So, if you are interested in learning how to use a circular saw to cut wood, keep reading!


  1. Circular saw is easy to use
  2. Using a circular saw might be satisfying
  3. Using a circular saw can be efficient, especially with some tips and tricks
  4. Might make cutting through wood sound satisfying
  5. Might give a sense of power when cutting through wood
  6. For DIY projects or home repairs

A Video How To Use Circular Saw To Cut Wood

Use of Circular Saw To Cut wood

How to use a circular saw to cut wood – general guidelines 

If you have a general understanding of how to use a circular saw, then you most likely know that there are two main components with the saw. One component is the lower blade guard which seems like it would be self-explanatory but isn’t necessarily as simple as it seems. 

The other component is the upper blade guard which helps protect you from being injured by the circular saw. There are also two different types of switches when it comes to a circular saw. One switch is on/off but has multiple speeds. The other switch is push-button and engages the trigger which controls how fast or slow the blade spins.

Before starting any cuts, make sure to turn on the saw and allow it time to warm up if that is required. Once warmed up, test the switch by pressing into the wood that you are about to cut using just a little bit of pressure. If the blade moves without too much resistance, then it is safe for you to begin cutting. 

If you feel too much resistance when the blade is cutting, then it may be binding in the wood which means you need to reduce pressure or if necessary, stop completely to reevaluate your cut line. When making cuts, always start at the edge of what you are cutting and not in the middle. 

For example, to cut a 2 x 4, first cut the end of the board off first which is about 1-2 inches long. Then, begin making your cut across the 2 x 4 at around 3 inches. The last part of your cut will be made by moving away from what you are cutting rather than towards it so you don’t accidentally cut yourself with the circular saw.

Once your cut is completed, always use the blade guard to cover the blade. This will save you from unwanted injuries because when a circular saw is cut there is still some power behind it even after turning off the saw. Lastly, turn off the machine and unplug it before doing any clean-up or clearing of particles that may be around where you are cutting.

How to use a circular saw to cut wood – general tips 

Once you have used the circular saw many times, you will begin to understand how it works and develop your own system. However, here are general tips that should be considered at first so you can learn ways of making your cuts more efficiently right off of the bat.

The first tip, as mentioned before, is to start at the edge of whatever it is that you are trying to cut and not right in the middle of it. It may be tempting to try making a straight line across whatever it is that you are cutting, but starting at an edge will give you more control over your cuts and will generally give you better results.

Another tip is to always start by cutting the material that your cut will be nearest to using just a little bit of pressure. For example, if you are doing a long straight cut and there isn’t anything in the way where it would be difficult to get your saw started, then consider starting right next to the part of the material that your saw will be closest to. 

This gives you more control over the cut and makes it easier to continue through whatever it is that you are cutting with relatively even results. Finally, consider using a speed level that isn’t as high as the maximum given on whatever machine it may be. 

Usually, something around 4 or 5 is sufficient to get the job done and doesn’t make it harder on the motor. If you find that your machine is struggling a lot to keep up with a higher speed level, then go back down a level or two until you find what works best for you.

How to cut wood with a circular saw – avoiding injury 

Circular saws can be dangerous. Not just to the material that you are cutting, but to the person operating it as well. Make sure that when making cuts with a circular saw, you aren’t distracted by anything else and you fully focus on what is directly in front of you. Do not talk on the phone or text because these distractions may cause you to cut where you don’t intend and potentially injure yourself.

If you leave your machine plugged in or on, then it is possible to accidentally bump the off button and turn it on without realizing so make sure that this can’t happen as well. Keep it unplugged unless you are making a cut with it and only touch the on/off button when you are ready to start using your machine. This will help ensure that you don’t accidentally turn it on without meaning to before starting your cut.

Also, whenever you are not holding the circular saw, make sure that it has a blade guard over the blade so there is no chance of injury should someone bump into it or if somehow the machine turned on itself. It may be useful to have two guards so one can stay attached while the other is being used and then switch them back once cutting has ceased.

Finally, try to avoid making cuts at night if possible because poor lighting makes it harder for anyone who could potentially use this tool in an emergency situation (such as yourself). If using a flashlight helps to see what you are cutting, then use the flashlight as well so that there is no chance of being blinded by it.

A final tip for making cuts with a circular saw 

When making long straight-line cuts, clamp or otherwise secure your material to be cut down to something sturdy before beginning. This makes it easier on your machine and allows you more control over how deep of a cut you want to make so all parts don’t turn out wonky or uneven.

Of course, this isn’t always an option because some materials can’t handle being clamped down very well, but whenever possible it’s best to try and plan ahead in order to get accurate results that will look good after they are put back into use. 


If you want to cut wood with a circular saw, start by deciding what you want to cut and what will be next to it. Make sure that your machine is unplugged unless cutting and don’t get distracted because this machine can seriously injure you if used incorrectly. To make accurate cuts that will look great afterward, clamp or otherwise secure as much of the wood as possible and use a speed level that isn’t too high. Finally, avoid cutting with a circular saw at night when it’s hard to see what you are doing.

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