How To Install Blade Guard On Ryobi Table Saw ? – Expert Guide

A blade guard is a protective cover that guards against accidental cuts or injuries. They come in two main types: fixed and folding. Fixed guards are permanently attached to the saw and fold down over the blade when not in use. Folding guards are hinged at the top, allowing them to open and close.

How to install blade guard on Ryobi table saw

Blade guards are essential safety devices for anyone who uses a power tool. The benefits include protection from injury and damage caused by blades. In addition, they also prevent dust and debris from entering into the housing of the saw.

Setting up the Ryobi table saw

Make sure you have all your tools before starting this project. You need a Phillips screwdriver, a drill, a hammer, and a few extra screws.

  • Turn off the saw first before you start work. Make sure there is no object under the saw.

  • Remove the blade guard assembly by unbolting the four bolts. Remove the old blade guard by pulling it out.

  • Insert the new blade guard assembly by reattaching the four bolts.

  • Close the blade guard assembly by tightening the four bolts.

  • How to set the blade angle?

    First, move the bevel locking lever (the part that locks the blade) to the right. Then slowly turn the blade adjustment handle clockwise until the blade is at an angle of about 30°. When the blade is at this angle, the blade guard can’t move.

  • To adjust the blade angle, turn the blade adjustment handle counterclockwise until the blade is parallel to the fence. This setting allows you to cut straight lines.

  • Hold the blade adjusting handle with both hands and gently pull it towards you while pushing the blade guard away from you. You should feel some resistance if the blade guard is too tight. If the blade guard is loose enough, you won’t feel any resistance.

  • Adjust the blade to your desired angle by repeating Steps 2 and 3.

 General Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you get the most out of your Ryobi Table Saw.

  • Always keep fingers outside the area where the blade travels.
  • Never place objects directly under the blade.
  • Keep the blade guard closed while cutting.
  • Use the guide strip to make accurate cuts.
  • Adjust the blade angle after every 5 to 10 cuts.
  • Do not attempt to tighten the blade guard assembly bolt unless instructed to do so by Ryobi.
  • Never touch the hot motor of your Ryobi Table saw.
  • Check the blade guard frequently for signs of wear.
  • Clean the blade guard regularly using soap and water.
  • Never operate the saw without using the blade guard.
  • To change the blade guard, loosen the four bolts and then lift the blade guard out.
  • Install a new blade guard by reversing the above instructions.

Safety Tips

Before you begin work, inspect the tool and make sure everything is in good working order.

Never Work Without Proper Eye Protection

You must wear safety glasses or goggles when operating tools such as circular saws, band saws, jigsaws, etc. These tools all have rotating blades that may cause serious eye injuries.

Keep Fingers Outside the Blade Path

When using a power tool, keep your fingers outside the path of the spinning blade. Also, never place anything underneath the spinning blade.

Use Guard Strip to Make Accurate Cuts

Make sure you use the guard strip provided by the manufacturer. This will help prevent accidents caused by overshooting the mark.

Always read the Instruction Manual Before Operating Your Tool

It’s important to read the manual thoroughly before operating your tool. Many people don’t bother reading manuals because they assume they already know what to do. However, manuals are written specifically for each model of tool and often contain valuable information that could save you time and money.


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A: The nuts on the backside of the mower deck housing are located at the bottom rear corner of the unit. They are secured with two screws that hold the cover plate in position. Remove these screws and remove the cover plate. Then remove the nuts by loosening them with a socket wrench.

How to Replace a Belt on a Rotary Lawnmower?

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If you would like more information about how to install a blade guard on a Ryobi table saw, please contact us. We’re always happy to answer questions and provide additional tips and tricks.

Table saws are great machines but they can be dangerous. It’s important to know how to safely use them. Here are some basic tips to ensure safe operation.