How To Make a Rope Chain Saw? – Complete Guide

Anyone who has spent any time in the great outdoors knows that there are some tasks that are just too big for a regular old saw. That’s where a rope chain saw comes in handy! This easy-to-make tool can help you cut down trees and branches with ease. All you need is some rope, some chain, and a few simple tools.

In short, to make a rope chain saw, you’ll need to gather all the tools. Then, the first step is to tie the rope around the saw blade. Next, you’ll need to attach the handles to the rope. Once the handles are in place, you can start using the saw!

To find out more about how to make a Rope Chain saw follow these steps below to make your own rope chain saw safely and easily!

How To Make a Rope Chain Saw?

Step 1: Gather Materials

To make this chain saw, you’ll need the following materials.
1: a piece of nylon rope (about 20 feet)
2: two jigsaw blades (one medium and one coarse tooth blade)
3: duct tape, electrical tape, or masking tape
4: wire cutters or nail clippers
5: a medium-sized stick
6: a lighter or matches for lighting the rope on fire.

Step 2: Cut the Rope

Take your piece of rope and cut it in half so you have two pieces of 10 feet each. Make sure to leave a few extra inches on either side of your cut as you’ll need this for further steps.

Step 3: Tie Knots

Tie one piece of rope into a solid knot near the top. This is your handle so keep the knot somewhere accessible. Next, tie another knot at the bottom of this piece of rope, just above where you’re holding it. This knot will act as a stopper to prevent the chain saw from wrapping around your feet when in use. If you want to be extra safe, tie a few knots close together at the bottom.

Step 4: Make Your Chain Saw Blade

Take your second piece of rope and cut it in half so you have two pieces of 5 feet each. Now take one of these pieces and cut one end into a pointy tip (make sure it’s not sharp enough to hurt anyone). Then take the other piece and drill two holes in either side just below the top knot using your medium-sized stick as a drill bit.

The holes should be wide enough for your jigsaw blade to fit through snugly, yet small enough that the blade will be held tightly in place once inserted into both holes.

Finally, take your wire cutters and use them to curl the ends of the blades so that they won’t rip up your rope. You can also melt these edges using a lighter or candle flame for safety purposes.

Step 5: Attach Your New Chain Saw Blade

Now, slip your newly made chain saw blade through each hole in your second piece of rope and attach them together by inserting one end into the other. If you’re having trouble doing this, try wetting the tips of the blades with water or saliva to help them slide through easier.

This is also an important step as it allows you to detach just one blade if you want to replace it later on. Once attached, pull hard on both pieces of rope to tighten everything into place before tying a knot at each end.

Step 6: Attach the Handle

To attach the handle, simply tie it around the center of your now complete chain saw blade using another piece of rope or string. Make sure to pull this extra rope tight to keep everything intact before tying yet another knot to secure everything in place.

When you’re finished, only one jagged blade should be visible on either side of your chain saw handle.

Step 7: Prepare Your Rope for Lighting On Fire

This step is simple but important as it will prevent your chain saw from extinguishing itself when lit on fire. To do this, all you have to do is tightly wrap masking tape around both ends of your stick where they connect to your chain saw blade.

This will prevent your blade from sliding off and extinguishing the flame when you’re lighting everything up.

Step 8: Light it Up!

Now that all of your pieces are connected, you’re ready to light your chain saw on fire. To do this, simply place a piece of rope (or any other flammable material) underneath both ends of your handle where they meet so that it drapes down in between the blades as shown in the pictures below.

Then take a few matches or a lighter and hold them under each end until your string catches fire. Warning: Always have water nearby when working with this tool as it will likely heat up very quickly and may burn you without notice. 

Step 9: Use Your New Chain Saw

To use your chain saw, simply push and pull the rope back and forth between each blade to cut through anything you may want to cut. This is a very dangerous tool so please exercise extreme caution when using it.

Always wear eye protection and do not swing the tool near any body parts including your face, hands, feet, or legs.

If you’re outside, make sure that the area in which you’ll be swinging your chain saw is clear of all flammable materials such as dry grass or leaves as they will surely catch fire if cut by the flames from this device.


So, there you have it how to make your own rope chain saw. This is a great project for anyone who wants to be self-sufficient and doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty. It’s also a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends or family, and an end result is a useful tool that can come in handy during emergencies or outdoor adventures. 


How does a rope chain saw work?

A rope chain saw works by using the rope to pull the saw blade through the wood. The handles on the rope help to keep the saw in place and provide leverage for cutting.

Is a rope chain saw safe to use?

Yes, a rope chain saw is safe to use as long as you follow all the safety instructions. Make sure to wear gloves and eye protection, and be careful not to cut yourself on the saw blade.

What are the benefits of using a rope chain saw?

A rope chain saw is a great alternative to a traditional chain saw because it’s much lighter and easier to maneuver. It’s also safer to use since there’s no risk of the saw blade coming loose and flying through the air.