How To Make a Scroll Saw Box? – Complete Guide

In this article, you will learn how to make a scroll saw box. The scroll saw is a machine with a small motor and an adjustable arm, which holds a small circular saw blade. It is useful for quick cutting of shapes out of wood; the user does not need to use knives or punch holes manually since it can be done on its own.

The first thing you must do is choose the type of wood that you want to use for your project. You can choose pine, basswood, poplar, or mahogany; they are usually some of the easiest types of wood to cut through. They are also inexpensive materials for beginners, as well as giving good results by offering various colors depending on their respective species (pine lends itself to golden tones, basswood has reddish hues, poplar has yellow undertones and mahogany is a darker wood).

Once you have chosen the type of wood you want to use, you have to choose the design for your scroll saw box. You can go with a classic shape or pick something more creative. In any case, it is important that you measure the piece of wood before beginning your project so as not to lose valuable time by having to re-cut pieces later on. Once your measurements are all taken, draw the pattern onto the side of your block of wood using a pencil and ruler. Read more here How to make scroll saw pattern.

Steps to make Scroll Saw Box

Any type of shape is possible; if you want, you can make a simple square or rectangular box.

Once your pattern has been drawn on the wood, it’s time to start cutting! Plugin and turn on the saw and then place it against your pencil line at a 45-degree angle. Push down while pushing the wood through the saw until you have completely cut through. If you prefer, you can do this step by hand with a coping saw instead of using a scroll saw – just remember to brace your piece securely prior to cutting so it doesn’t wiggle around during this process. With that being said, cut out all straight lines first, before attempting any curves. Read more here How to cut box joints on a table saw.

Once all straight lines are cut out along with their corresponding negative spaces, start cutting the curves. Place the tip of the scroll saw blade on the line where you want to cut and gently move it in a circular motion while applying downward pressure. This might take some practice, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it perfect out of the gate!

Once all your pieces are cut, sand off any rough edges. Depending on what kind of wood you used, you can use either fine-grit sandpaper (grain is finer) or coarse grit paper (coarser grain).

For more refined finishes, wet-sand by rubbing down your wood with water-soaked sandpaper instead of dry; this will help attain smooth surfaces without creating scratches that could be noticeable when stained or varnished. Once well sanded, wipe off excess dust and apply your choice of stain or paint.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for drying before you continue with sealing your piece; once complete, you can attach your hinges and/or latch so that your box closes securely. Congratulations – you have made a personalized scroll saw box! Read more here How to make a box joint jig for the tablesaw.


  • can be made of any design.
  • easy to cut out pattern.
  • inexpensive materials for beginners.
  • the creative shape is possible/helps to have fun with the process.


  • takes time to cut out the pattern.
  • maybe some unevenness in some spots, so sanding is required before staining/varnishing.


This is how to make a scroll saw box. Remember that the type of wood you choose, and the design of your creation will determine its outcome in terms of quality and aesthetics. Use any pattern and/or shape that you like; this article only serves as basic knowledge for beginners. 

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