How To Make Box Joints With A Table Saw? – Complete Guide

Making box joints using a table saw is a great way to add some character to your woodworking projects. Box joints are a type of joint where two pieces of wood meet at 90-degree angles. They are commonly used to create boxes or other shapes. The advantage of making box joints over other types of joints such as biscuits and dowels is that they can be made faster than other methods. However, in order to get the most out of their use, you must first learn how to cut them correctly.

A box joint is a type of joint used in woodworking. Box joints are made by cutting two pieces of wood together. Then each piece is cut diagonally across the grain, creating four angles. These angles meet at one point called the “box corner”. This creates a 90-degree angle.

How To Make Box Joints With A Table Saw?

There are many ways to create a box joint. One method uses a circular saw and a straightedge guide. Another method uses a jigsaw and a straightedge guide to make the cuts. A third method uses a table saw and a miter gauge. You can use a router to cut out the joint, but it’s much easier to do it using a table saw.

Box joints are used to join two pieces of wood together, either edge to edge or face to face.

Step 1: Set up the saw

Use a dado blade to cut out the key slots. Begin by installing a dado cutter that matches the thickness of the pins you’ll use for your project. Cutting notches in wood with a dado blade is easy and fast.
Make sure the fence is set. Adjust the blade height and Set the blade depth.

Step 2: Cut the stock

Cut one board first. Move the fence forward until the piece is flush with the fence. Then move the fence back. Repeat these steps with the second piece of wood. Holding the workpiece tightly against the fence ensures an accurate cut. Checking the workpiece before every cut helps ensure a smooth finish.

Step 3: Join the boards

Place the two boards next to each other, with the ends aligned. Use a straightedge to mark where the joint line should go. Mark the centre point of the joint line on the bottom edge of each board. Using a jigsaw, cut along the line.

Step 4: Finish the joint

Sand the edges smoothly.
Apply a finish if desired.


  • A table saw with a mitre guides
  • a stackable dado blade set
  • A power drill
  • either corded or cordless is also included.


Making box joints can be done easily with a table saw. It’s important to follow the instructions carefully so as to avoid damaging the tool. The process takes less than 10 minutes per side, making it a quick way to add some interest to any project.