how to measure a chain saw chain

Are you having trouble measuring your chain saw chain? You’re not alone. Measuring a chain saw chain can be tricky, but it’s important to get it right. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to measure your chain saw chain and give you some tips on how to get the perfect fit. Chain saws are dangerous tools, so make sure you measure your chain correctly to avoid any accidents. 

Take your tape measure. You’ll need to know the length of your current chain saw chain before you can order a new one. Begin by taking out your tape measure and pressing the end piece of it over the upper guide bar on your chain saw. Press until the end of the blade reaches where you’ve tightened it onto the motor, then note the size of your current chain. Make sure to double-check you are measuring your chain in inches, not feet or meters. 

Finding the Measurements

Take measurements at multiple locations on your chain saw bar. If the distance between the lower and upper guide bars is six inches, for example, it’s better to get an eight-inch or ten-inch sized chain saw to fit than a five-inch one (which may not give you enough room for proper lubrication). You should also take measurements at multiple places on the chain saw bar. If your measurement is seven inches between the lower and upper guide bars, make sure you measure to one-inch past this point to ensure you get a chain that will fit properly. 

Size of Your Chain Saw Bar 

You’ll also need to know how far apart the guide bars are (this should be listed in your owner’s manual). This measurement will help determine what size chain saw chain you’re going to need. Just double-check that this distance is consistent with the measurements you got earlier, since if it isn’t then just note down whichever number is bigger. When you go to buy your new chain saw chain, enter these figures into our search tool along with the length of your chain saw bar and we’ll show you a list of chains that will fit. 

When in Doubt, Get a Bigger Size 

If all else fails, just get a bigger size. It’s better to have lots of extra room on the chain saw chain than not enough so always aim for a larger-sized chain when in doubt. A chain that is too short isn’t going to give you the best results or last as long so this method will save you from having to go back and order another one when it doesn’t fit perfectly. 

Measuring the Chain Manually

If you’re having trouble finding the right size for your chain saw by using our search tool, then just measure manually. To do this, take a tape measure and mark it to eight inches with a permanent marker. Then hook the end of the tape measure around one end of your existing chain saw chain where it meets the guide bar (your closest measuring location), and pull it along until you reach the other end of the chain’s inner side plate (the part that connects with your drill). Measure from here back to another point on the inner side plate that measures six inches from where you started. 

Features of measuring a chain saw chain

  1. Measuring a chain saw chain is difficult, but we’ve made it simple by using our search tool
  2. Follow these steps and you’ll be measuring your chain in no time at all
  3. A properly sized guide bar will enable the best performance of your chainsaw and give you optimal cutting results
  4. Always double-check that you’re getting an appropriately sized chain for your guide bar or else it won’t fit and may damage your machine. 


  1. It is a one-time investment. It becomes cheaper when you do not have to keep repairing it for a lifetime.
  2. It can help save lots of time and effort required in manual cutting, chopping, or sawing work because all this work will be executed through the machine. 


  1. It is very difficult to carry around since the size takes much space and it also weighs quite high. So if you are carrying your home from outside then it makes it difficult to follow its heavyweight.

Final Thoughts 

If you want to cut down the whole tree, then this process of cutting is automatically done by a machine and it is called woodcutting or lumbering. You might have noticed men and women who are working in forests and cutting trees for their survival. So when they cut down the trees, there are various tools which are used to make the work much easier like axes, saws, etc. One of these tools can be a chainsaw which is mainly used for cutting trees. The main parts of the chainsaw are the model, chain, blade, clutch cover, etc.

First of all, what do you think about measuring a chain saw chain? It’s not an easy task to measure any tool manually only because every tool has its own size criterion. Different companies provide different sizes to their customers. Especially when it comes to measuring a chain saw chain, you have to follow some steps and the first step is the measurement of the length of your guide bar. The next step will be about measuring other parts like the length of the chain, cutting pitch, etc.