How To Sharpen Chain Saw With Dremel -Expert Guide

Dremel is a brand of power tools most people are familiar with. Chainsaw sharpening with a Dremel can be tricky, but with the right techniques, it can be done quickly and easily. In this post, we’ll show you how to sharpen your chainsaw using a Dremel tool. Stay safe and have fun!

Tools and Materials Needed To Sharpen Chain Saw With Dremel

File: This is a must-have as well as a guide, the file should be able to match the tooth profile of your chain saw’s teeth.

Goggles: Dremel tools are dangerous and require protective gear.

Lubricant: To keep the Dremel cool for longer life and easier operation, I use WD-40 (penetrates and loosens rust and corrosion) or Sabre saw oil (for cutting tools like chain saws) which is way more expensive, but it lasts a lot longer. Petroleum jelly will do as well.

Paper towels or shop rags 

Cleaning solution: Basic dish soap works great as a degreaser for this job, clean off your sharpened teeth with it so they don’t gum up from old petroleum products on the bar.

File guide: It’s important that you have a guide that matches the tooth profile of your chain saw’s teeth because if not, you could end up filing too much off your chain or making it worse.

Belt sander: Careful, this tool is loud and you don’t want to mess up your guide, so use an old belt if possible.

Grinding stones for your Dremel tool again, match the tooth profile of your chain saw’s teeth with these stones.

Rubber gloves: Dremel tools get hot fast and can burn you in seconds, rubber gloves are vital for protecting yourself while working them!

How To Sharpen Your Chain Saw Using A Dremel Tool? 

  1. Use the ruler or tape measure to find out how dull your chain is from different angles.
  2. Using an old belt for your Dremel tool, attach it to the sander and start grinding away at each tooth on your chain until they are all even. This will take a long time, but it’s probably going to be easier than using the Dremel itself because there isn’t as much risk of ruining your guide or burning yourself. You can also try making a wooden jig that attaches to the sander that can guide your Dremel tool in place, but I didn’t have any success with it.
  3. Once you’re done grinding away all of your sharpened teeth to even them out, start smoothing down your newly sharpened saw by attaching a grinding stone to your Dremel and grinding each tooth until they are nice and smooth.
  4. Attach the guide onto the tip of your Dremel tool and hold it there tightly with one hand while you turn on the tool with the other hand. Hold the guide as tightly as possible so your Dremel tool doesn’t slip and ruin both the guide and your chain saw.
  5. Once you’ve got to a satisfactory sharpness (it’s up to you and depends on what type of wood and how thick it is), then turn off your dremel tool and change out your grinding stone with a polishing one instead. Grind all of your already-sharpened teeth until they are nice and smooth like glass again, to keep them from getting dull fast.
  6. Finally, clean any petroleum products or old dirt/grease off of the bar with dish soap to make sure it stays sharp for longer. You don’t want anything blocking those teeth, or it’ll become useless.
  7. Wipe off the sawdust from your chain with a paper towel or clean rag, and spray some oil on your chain to keep it lubricated for longer life. Option 3 – Sharpening Without A Dremel Tool If you don’t have a Dremel tool but do have an angle grinder (or even just an old-school grinding wheel).

Tips for sharpening your chain saw with either method: 

Try to use a grinding wheel instead of an angle grinder if possible, it’s much quieter. Also, make sure you keep the chain in the same position throughout your sharpening process so that all the teeth are even on both sides when finished!

How do I store my chain saw after sharpening it? 

After sharpening your chain saw, wipe down any oil or dirt off of the bar with some dish soap and then spray it with some WD-40 to protect it from rusting for next time. You can also apply some machine oil so the metal doesn’t get rusted. Make sure you take apart all of its pieces before storing them away to avoid having anything stick together and rust!

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to sharpen a chain saw with a Dremel, it’s time to put your new skills into practice. Be sure to always wear safety goggles and gloves when using power tools, and take your time while sharpening the chain. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to keep your chainsaw in good condition and safe for use.