How To Tighten Chain On Greenworks Pole Saw?

Chain saws are a great tool to have around the house for cutting trees and branches, but if the chain is loose it can make using the saw much more difficult. In this blog post, we will show you how to tighten chain on greenworks pole saw. Keep reading for instructions on how to do this yourself! 

How To Tighten Chain On Greenworks Pole Saw?

One of the most frustrating things with a manual pole saw can be a loose chain. It will make cutting much harder and may even cause issues during operation. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to tighten your Greenworks pole saw’s chain yourself. Keep reading for instructions on how to do this yourself!

  1. Bring the saw to a complete stop, and make sure it’s unplugged before performing any work on it. Once the chain is stopped, allow the blade to cool down before working with it.

  2. Disconnect your pole saw from its pole by pulling them apart until you feel them click into place. Set each part aside after disconnecting them so that they aren’t damaged or misused during this process.

  3. Grab your Allen wrench (the one that should have come in the package with all of your essential replacement parts) and put it into both sides of your nut that needs to be tightened. Keep turning clockwise using the wrench until the nut is snug again.

  4. Remove the Allen wrench, attach your pole saw to its pole, then plug it back in to test the tightness of the chain. The blade should stop immediately when pressed down on a branch or object you’re trying to cut, so if this doesn’t happen make sure everything is still tightened correctly before proceeding with any use of your tool.

  5. If there are loose teeth after adjusting the nut, take out your flat head screwdriver and press each tooth tightly against one another until they are all touching one another again. This may need to be done several times – Just keep tightening each tooth slowly but firmly until it’s placed correctly into position against its neighboring teeth again.

  6. Unplug your saw, disconnect it from the pole and let it cool off completely before storing it. 


What is Greenworks pole saw? 

Greenworks manufactures single-handed pole saws using an ergonomic design to minimize fatigue when cutting for extended periods of time. Their electric models are designed with long-lasting power and zero emissions but also come in battery-powered options that allow users to switch between tools frequently without having to wait for their rechargeable batteries to fully power up again. 

How to identify the chain on your pole saw? 

First, identify the type of chain that your pole saw has. If it’s a Greenworks model, then you can narrow down your search for instructions on how to tighten the chain by checking your instruction manual and seeing which model number matches up with it. Your manual should detail everything you need to know about identifying which specific pole saw you own. 

How to identify if your chain is loose? 

Once you’ve identified the type of pole saw that you have, simply hold it in both hands and allow the blade to dangle below you while you look closely at the teeth along its edge. If any of them are not touching their neighboring teeth or are very loose, then your chain is most likely loose. You can also try cutting into a thick piece of wood, and if the blade doesn’t stop moving when you press it down on its surface then it’s time to tighten your chain.

How to adjust the nut in order to tighten the chain? 

If you’ve identified a loose chain, you’ll need to adjust the nut in order to tighten it. You can follow this set of instructions: 
1: First, disconnect your Greenworks pole saw from its pole and allow it time to cool down.

2: Remove the Allen wrench that you own for replacement parts and insert it into both sides of your nut that needs to be tightened.
3: Gently turn the Allen wrench clockwise in order to tighten your nut. When doing this, you should feel slight tension on the wrench when it’s inserted correctly into place, and the nut should begin tightening itself in response to your adjustments. If this doesn’t happen or if there isn’t any tension on the wrench, then your nut is probably not engaging the Allen wrench properly.
4: If this is the case, remove the Allen wrench while continuing to turn it slightly in order to lower the nut’s position on its axel so that it has a bit more room to fit additional tools underneath it for further adjustments.
5: Once you’ve successfully inserted the Allen wrench and tightened your nut, test your pole saw to see if it’s working properly. If not, then repeat this process until the chain is secure again.

How to tighten the chain?

If your saw continues to cut too slowly or not at all after you’ve tightened the nut, then it’s time to check your chain for any loose teeth. To do this, turn off your pole saw and disconnect it from its pole before letting it cool down completely. Once that is done, remove one of the Allen wrenches included with your tool’s manual and use it to remove the nut that holds the chain loop in place.

Loosen or tighten your pole saw?

After you’ve removed this nut, slide the chain off of its axle so that it dangles freely underneath your pole saw before carefully looking at each individual tooth on its edge. If any of them are too loose or too tight, then carefully use your Allen wrench to adjust them so that they fit properly. When doing this, you should feel the slight tension on the tool when it’s inserted correctly into place and when adjusting its position around the teeth. If you don’t, then insert the Allen wrench deeper into this axle to see if that allows it to fit properly.

How to put the chain back on?

Once you’ve successfully tightened your chain, it’s time to replace the nut that holds it in place. To do this, slide the old one off of its axle before placing the new one over it and tightening them together with the Allen wrench provided with your pole saw’s manual.

How to adjust the tension on your chain?

As a final step, you may need to adjust your pole saw’s tension so that it moves quickly and easily whenever you encounter cutting problems later on down the road. To do this, simply loosen the nut that holds your chain loop in its position before sliding your chain off of its axle and inserting it back in place. Then, reinsert the Allen wrench into each side of your pole saw’s nut until you feel a slight tension on the wrench when it’s inserted correctly into place.


Now you know all there is to know about how to tighten a Greenworks pole saw chain. You should also be able to check your tool’s blade and continue using it once the adjustments are made if ever it becomes necessary again in the future! If you’re looking for replacement blades for this model, look no further. They have a great selection of chains, saws, and parts for all different brands.