How To Turn A Circular Saw To A Table saw?

Making a table saw from a circular saw is a great way to have an affordable table saw. In this guide, I will show you how to do it. You will need some basic tools and materials, which I will list for you below. This project should take about 2-3 hours to complete, depending on your skill level. So let’s get started!​

What is Circular Saw?

For those of you that don’t know, a circular saw is a handheld power tool that spins a blade very fast. It’s primarily used to cut things! Great for making furniture and smaller projects. 

The circular saw’s blades are slim and protrude from the front of the circular saw so it easily fits in between things. The blade is also very thin so it won’t take a lot of power to cut through different materials. I suggest getting one with a 7.5″ blade if you use this as a table saw.

A Video Guide On How To Turn A Circular Saw To A Table saw:

This video is a tutorial that how to turn a circular saw into a table saw. If you want to turn your circular saw into a table saw then you come to the right place.

turn your circular saw into a table saw

Step By Step Guide How To Turn A Circular Saw To A Table Saw?


Get two pieces of plywood and cut them to 32″x32″. It’s pretty easy with the circular saw so I won’t go into detail about that. Just make sure they’re square, not warped or twisted in any way, and 32″x32″ in size.

After you’re done with them, take one of the 32×32 plywood pieces and put it on the bottom piece of your table saw. Now take a C-clamp and clamp it down tight so that there’s no space between where the two pieces meet up. If you need to, screw a few screws in to hold it in place. Make sure the plywood doesn’t move at all when you put a lot of pressure on it.

You can also use bolts if you have them or prefer that, I just used clamps for convenience.


Take another 36″x36″ piece of plywood and screw it into the “saw” right where the blade is. Don’t screw it in too far, just enough so that there’s no overhang and it looks like a normal table saw.


Now take two pieces of 2×2 and cut them 32″ long each. You’ll need to make sure these are pretty straightforward when you get them because they’ll be supporting all of your weight on top of the plywood board. Take the same 36×36 piece of plywood and drill through both 2x2s (32″) into either end (make sure you’re only drilling into the wood). If you don’t do this, then the bolts won’t be stable and could fall out or hurt someone if they accidentally step on it or something. Then take a drill bit and drill a hole through the plywood where you drilled the holes on either end of your 2x2s.

Take a bolt that is 5″ long and put it in from the underneath side of the plywood, into one of those holes you just drilled. Put another bolt on top of that, but do not tighten them together yet! Take two pieces of scrap wood (or anything) and screw them down to both bolts so they can’t go anywhere. You need these to be stable for this step, otherwise, you could lose control over whatever material you’re trying to cut because it won’t be secure.

Now take your circular saw and clamp it down with C-clamps/screws/bolts to the 2×2 that has the plywood on it. Clamp it down really tightly so that you can’t move it at all. To be safe, drill through the circular saw into the 2×2 holding it securely in place. Make sure this doesn’t move when you use your circular saw or else you could lose balance and hurt yourself, etc.


Put tables up to your table saw, make sure you have enough space behind your “saw” for everything to fit, including people walking around it! Then take another 36×36 piece of plywood and screw/clamp/bolt it to the other two pieces of 2×2 holding up your “saw.” If you’re using bolts, make sure you tighten them up as far as they’ll go. If you’re using screws and it feels like the plywood might split because the screw is too long, then just take any spare pieces of 2×2 and put them behind the plywood to spread out the pressure evenly.

Now your “saw” should be pretty stable! You can bolt your saw down if you want by putting a washer on both sides of the hole where the blade is coming out, holding it up to that hole underneath, then place another washer on top of that same bolt where it’s holding up your circular saw before tightening it all together. There are also other ways to do this too if you prefer.


Now your table saw should be ready to use! To start off, don’t try cutting anything yet since you haven’t used it before. This is pretty hard to explain so I’ll do the best I can.

Put on your safety glasses and gloves before trying this out too. Keep in mind that if something goes wrong while you’re using all of this equipment, then things could fly at you and hurt you or others around you! So for everyone’s safety, please be careful while doing these steps, or else you might get hurt. Plus it would suck to ruin a lot of time making all of this stuff just because you didn’t listen to me.

First what I did was put the two pieces of plywood together (your “table saw”) so that the blade is facing up. Then take two 2x4s and screw or drill them into both ends of the plywood, but leave about an inch overhang to give room for dust collection, keeping everything clean! Now cut your pieces in half using your circular saw by clamping it down tightly on top of the piece you want to cut. Make sure this isn’t wobbly at all before cutting or else it might not go straight.

Now if you have duct tape, wrap some around the blades closest to where you’re going to be cutting so things don’t fly everywhere and hurt someone/something. If you don’t have any duct tape then just put some on top of whatever material you’re trying to cut so things don’t fly everywhere.

Now take your circular saw, hold it down against the material you’re trying to cut, and slowly start pulling it towards everything else. Keep holding the “saw” straight up because if you don’t then something could go wrong with where everything is going or how it’s being cut. Be very careful while doing this too because if anything goes wrong, bad things might happen!


  • A Circular Saw
  • Screwdriver
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Ruler or tape measurer

Materials: 4 pieces of plywood cut to 36″x36″ each. Should cost about $8-$10 per board. 1 piece of plywood cut to 36″x12″. This will be used for the fence, so make sure it’s perfectly square. Can’t be warped or twisted, or else the saw won’t be square to the fence. 2 pieces of plywood cut to 32″x32″. These will be used to mount the circular saw tightly in place. Have these precut at your local hardware store for 5 bucks each if you don’t have a saw or anything to cut them. 18 2 1/4″ wood screws for everything non-movable. If it moves, use 10mm bolts instead. 4 – 2″x2″ pieces of lumber to mount the table saw. I used pine, but you can use any type of hardwood or softwood. Square (you probably already have this if you’re using a circular saw to cut things out. If not, get one of those for this project too.


If you’re looking for a way to transform your circular saw into a table saw, this article has the answer. With just one cut and some grinding, you’ll be able to use it as both! You can do all of your cutting on the ground or attach it to any surface without worrying about damaging the blade with screws. 

This is an easy project that will save time in many situations where space is limited. Read our guide before starting so you know what tools are needed for success!