How To Use Milwaukee Circular Saw?

Circular saws are one of the most versatile tools a DIYer can have in their tool arsenal. With the right blades, they can be used for everything from making basic cuts to trimming and ripping lumber. In this post, we’ll show you how to use a Milwaukee circular saw like a pro. First, we’ll explain how to set up your circular saw for different applications. Then, we’ll give you some tips on how to make accurate cuts with your circular saw. 

1.Prepare the power tool properly

Before using any appliance, make sure that it is turned off and plugged out from its source of power. In order to turn on the power tool, locate the lever at the back end of the cord near the electric plug and pull it upwards to connect the appliance with its source. Also, switch on the power tool by moving the power lever upwards.

2.Adjustments and fittings

In order to attach any blade or accessories quickly and conveniently, you should consider checking whether there are spindle lock buttons and arbor release lever at the back end of the power tool.

In addition, you should fit or change any accessory with ease and smoothness. For instance: first, loosen the spindle lock button by pushing it downwards and then fit a blade to its arbor and further fix it back by tightening the spindle lock button.

At last, pull out the dust collection bag from its slot as indicated by arrow number 1 in a 45-degree position as shown in picture 4, at this time place the saw on a horizontal position near the edge of the material as possible for free movement of the cutter head as marked.

3. Cutting Process

Firstly set the correct depth stop screw on any accessory or blade before starting the cutting process if required, on the other hand, the depth stop chamber of the accessory should be fitted to the spindle of the power tool or arbor shaft for the exact depth setting.

In order to cut on the go-board properly, you should consider keeping your body straight while the cutting process and make sure that whatever material you are going to cut is placed perfectly beneath the blade before starting sawing operation.

Now press down switch trigger very cautiously with one hand while holding ruler.

After having finished the cutting process unplug the electric cord from its source and turn off the spindle lock button if required because this makes your job easier when changing blades or accessories again time. Also, clean the dust collection bag at regular intervals so that you face no problem while cutting.

Finally, disconnect the power tool from its source and make sure that it is turned off and unplugged by pulling the switch trigger towards you for this purpose. 

What is Milwaukee circular saw? 

Milwaukee is a world-renowned brand for manufacturing some of the best hand tools that are used to find their application in the field of carpentry. Besides, this company has been offering different models of circular saws including corded one, m18 fuel, and other Milwaukee M18 FUEL™ 5 5″ Circular Saw features REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence which employs digital technology to create electronic systems within the tool itself. Redlink Plus allows users to enjoy greater precision and accuracy while working with all cordless Milwaukee products. 


  1. 5-inch diameter blade for rough cutting and flush cuts
  2. 15 amp motor,5.9 lbs with no cord
  3. Power state brushless motor turns blades at higher speeds while maintaining consistent torque and extended battery life 
  4. REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence employs digital technology to create electronic systems within the tool itself. Redlink Plus allows users to enjoy greater precision and accuracy while working with all cordless Milwaukee products. 

Safety Precautions

  1. Always unplug the power tool before using any adjustment or maintenance procedure. 
  2. Never operate this power tool if it has a damaged cord or plug if it is not working properly if it has been dropped or damaged, water is spilled on the power tool, or if the power tool does not operate normally when following the operating instructions. 
  3. Keep work area clean and well lit to prevent tripping or placing hands into moving parts or pinch points. 
  4. Keep children, bystanders, or visitors away while operating a power tool. Never allow others to operate this power tool unless they are thoroughly familiar with these safety precautions and the operation of the power tool. 
  5. Wear safety glasses, non-skid footwear with slip-resistant soles, protective gloves, and hearing protection when using this powerful tool. 
  6. Always wear ANSI z87+ safety rated eyewear which provides side protection against debris particles ejected from the power tool.

So there you have it our guide on how to use a Milwaukee circular saw. We hope that this article has helped you to feel confident in using your saw and that you will be able to tackle all sorts of projects with ease. Remember, always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before beginning any project and practice on some scrap wood until you feel comfortable using your saw.