JET JWSS-22 22-Inch Scroll Saw Review

Scroll saws are amazing tools for anyone who loves working with wood. They make intricate cuts that can be very difficult or even impossible to do by hand. But with so many different scroll saws on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at the JET JWSS-22, 22-Inch Scroll Saw with Stand, 120V 1PH (727200K), and give you our verdict on whether or not it’s worth buying. Stay tuned!

JET JWSS-22, 22-Inch Scroll Saw with Stand

The JET JWSS-22 is a top-of-the-line scroll saw that offers best-in-class features and thoughtful design:


The worktable is large and made of cast iron to limit vibration. It is also adjustable so you can get the perfect angle for your project.

Blade Change Process:

The exclusive upper mechanism clamps and tensions the blade in one step, making it quick and easy to change blades. The toolless lower blade holder is also removable for added convenience.


The variable speed control gives you the ability to select the perfect speed for your project. The speed range goes from 400 to 1,550 strokes per minute.

Cutting Accuracy:

The arm tilts 45° right and 40° left, so you can always keep the worktable flat. This ensures accurate cuts every time.


This saw comes with a built-in wrench for changing blades and slots for storing pre-loaded blades. It also has a 45° tilting arm for making accurate cuts.


  • The easy blade change process
  • Variable speed control
  • Stable worktable
  • Accurate cuts


  • Sometimes the worktable vibrates too much.

My Recommendation:

According to my recommendation, The JET JWSS-22, 22-Inch Scroll Saw with Stand is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy-to-use scroll saw that comes with a stand. This saw is perfect for hobbyists or anyone just starting out in the world of scroll sawing. It’s also a good choice for someone who wants a quality machine without spending too much money. We highly recommend this scroll saw to anyone interested in getting started on this fun and rewarding hobby.


So that you know, the JET JWSS-22, 22-Inch Scroll Saw with Stand is a great scroll saw for anyone starting out or for someone who wants a quality machine without spending too much money. It’s easy to use and comes with a stand, so you can start scroll sawing right away.

We hope our review has helped you make a decision on which scroll saw is right for you.

Customer Reviews:

  1. I’m aware that this is an expensive item. I was attempting to scrollwork on a harbor freight $69 saw, which was quite frustrating. YOU ABSOLUTELY WERE RIGHT. The Jet is well worth the money. My first job with the jet was as a bald eagle. It’s probably taken me 50 blade changes to complete the fretwork. If you’re looking for a scroll saw, this one is the way to go! It’s just freakin’ fantastic. There isn’t much vibration and it’s really quiet. I don’t want to leave my store now!
  2. I bought this sawtooth knot jig from Amazon because it is affordable and has excellent reviews. It came with 2 extra blades, which was very nice, as well as a blade sharpener. It worked effortlessly and as expected, and I’ve liked being able to tilt the blade rather than the table. The motor has provided enough power for all. I really appreciate the quick-release blade as well. Overall, it’s a well-made product that only required one contact with customer service (it was an assembly question).
  3. I’m glad I’ve never encountered or used a scroll saw with such an easy-to-change blade. It’s so quiet that it doesn’t bother anyone else in the room, and thank you very much.