Who Makes Kobalt Table Saw? All You Need To Know

When a manufacturer makes a quality table saw, they deserve to be recognized. This is especially true with Kobalt brand table saws, which are made with high-quality components and extensive testing.

Kobalt is a trusted brand in the industry, which is designed to make all woodworkers believe they can create any project they want.

Whether you are a novice or expert woodworker, Kobalt tools are designed to make woodworking easier. Keep reading to find out more!

Who Makes Kobalt Table Saw

The Kobalt Table Saw is made by Lowe’s Companies, Inc. It operates a chain of retail locations in the United States and Canada under the Lowe’s trademark. It has its headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Why I Chose the Kobalt Table Saw

There were two main deciding factors when choosing this saw over others in the same price category. The first one was the maximum cutting depth at 90°.

The KT1015 allows up to 3.5″ of height on the blade which means you can cut a 4×4 with one pass on the knife. Most of the other models max out at 3.125″.

Also, I could cut 2x4s on the longer sides if I wanted to.

The Kobalt table saw comes with a folding built-in stand. This allows you to store the saw while using it. When you’re finished cutting, you press a foot pedal, lift two handles, and the saw tilts on its side and rolls away.

Kobalt table saws are great tools for woodworkers because they’re easy to transport and store. These saws stand up vertically, so you don’t need much room to set them down. When you’re ready to use your saw, you’ll be able to pull it out quickly.


Q: Is Kobalt A Good Saw

A: I’ve been using my Kobalt table saw for about a year now. It’s been pretty reliable. I have had no problems with it yet. I would say that it is a very nice tool. It has all the features that I want in a table saw.

Q: Is Kobalt And Delta The Same

A: The simple answer is No, Kobalt and Delta are not the same. There are many differences between them and they can’t be the same as they are made by different companies. Kobalt is made by Lowe’s Companies, Inc., while Delta is made by Delta Machinery a subsidiary of Chang Type Industrial Co., Ltd.

Q: Does The Kobalt Table Saw Accept Dado Blades

A: Yes, the Kobalt does accept dado blades. You just need to buy the right size dado blade. They come in both standard and extra-wide sizes. You have to choose the size according to the table saw you own and the type of cut you want to make.

Q: How Long Does Kobalt 24V Battery Last

A: While using full power, the battery will last approximately 20 minutes. That is usually more than enough time to complete the task.